When making ice cream at home, using good quality ingredients and the right equipment are key to a successful scoop. Read Richard Makin's tips for how to make irresistibly cool and silky ice cream and you'll never touch a Mr Whippy again.


1. Great dairy


Always use whole milk and double cream. Look for dairy with a naturally high protein content – Guernsey and Jersey are top-notch. We get ours from The Estate Dairy which you can buy at Selfridges.

2. A good ice cream machine

When it comes to churning ice cream, a hefty price tag doesn’t always equal great ice cream. Our favourite counter-top machine is from Buffalo – it’s robust, reliable and about half the price of the big domestic brands.

3. Proper vanilla


The price of Madagascan vanilla pods has risen by 500% in the last two years, so now may be a good time to experiment with other countries of origin. We use Mexican vanilla, which has a much more complex flavour. You can find it at Vanilla Mart.

4. A good thermometer

We always recommend using a probe thermometer if you’re pasteurising your own ice cream base. It eliminates all the guesswork and ensures your ice cream is safe to serve. A good make is Hygiplas Multipurpose stem thermometer (£17.69 at Nisbets).

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5. A proper scoop


A substandard scoop is like chopping tomatoes with a blunt knife: frustrating and messy! Forget gimmicky models with rubber handles or ejector buttons and stick to the classics. We use the US brand Zeroll, which is filled with a conductive liquid that helps it retain heat from your hand. (Zeroll original ice cream scoop, £20.99 at Nisbets).

Watch our video on how to make homemade ice cream from a fresh vanilla custard base:

You can find Blu Top at various street-food sites across London or visit their site to find out more.

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