Chocolate cake. Two words guaranteed to make us dream of show-stopping bakes and nostalgic childhood desserts. Read on to discover the top 15 chocolate cakes you have to try – they’ve all been triple-tested and are incredibly delicious.


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1. Ultimate chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with icing and chocolate shards on top with slice missing

More than 1,200 of you have given this recipe a five-star rating – and it’s not difficult to see why. Moist, rich and fudgy, the sponge delivers a double dose of melted chocolate, alongside cocoa powder and coffee. We’ve covered our cake with a silky chocolate ganache, and (you guessed it) another hit of chocolate in curl-form to finish. A true masterpiece.

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2. Easy chocolate cake

Layered chocolate cake with icing and chocolate shards

This sponge cake sandwiched with rich buttercream looks stunning, but is actually really simple to make. In fact, it’s so straightforward that kids can help with measuring the ingredients, mixing the batter and decorating the end result. Watch our video to see exactly how it’s done.

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3. Gluten-free chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with a slice cut out on a plate next to an espresso

No gluten? No problem! Make a dense, rich chocolate cake for a special occasion or anytime treat. The use of instant coffee in the sponge keeps the cake beautifully moist, and the addition of melted dark chocolate makes for a smooth and creamy icing. While suitable for those following a gluten-free diet, it will prove a hit with everyone.

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4. Gravity-defying sweetie cake

Sweets being poured onto chocolate cake with chocolate finger border

These trendy, jaw-dropping anti-gravity cakes are a marvel to behold. It may take a bit more effort (try our top tips and tricks to get the best results), but this cake is perfect for a weekend baking project. We've topped ours with sugar-coated chocolates, but you can swap for any small sweets that you (or the lucky recipient) like. Unleash your inner creativity!

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5. Easy vegan chocolate cake

Vegan layered chocolate cake with icing and white sprinkles

Following a dairy-free, egg-free, wheat-free or nut-free diet needn't mean missing out on a slice of cake. The secret ingredient in our recipe is avocado, which adds a decadent richness to the cake batter, along with simple substitutes such as sunflower spread and soya milk for the frosting.

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6. Brooklyn blackout cake

Chocolate cake with a slice cut out

Ready to try your hand at something different? This dark sponge cake is filled and coated with a rich chocolate custard and finished with crumbled cake crumbs. It’s best served chilled, making it an ideal dessert that oozes indulgence. Trust us – it won’t last long.

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7. Keto chocolate cake

Keto chocolate cake with slices cut, topped with yoghurt icing and cocoa powder

Indulge your sweet tooth without worrying about sacrificing your diet with our keto chocolate cake. It's made using almond flour, eggs and cacao, with a delicious yogurt-based topping. Enjoy as a mid-afternoon treat with a cup of tea.

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8. Squidgy chocolate & pomegranate torte

Chocolate sponge covered in icing and topped with pomegranate seeds

Dense and indulgent, this rich chocolate torte is the stuff dreams are made from. Finish with a scattering of jewel-like pomegranate seeds for colour, sharpness and bite.

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9. Chocolate fudge cupcakes

Iced chocolate cupcakes on a wire rack

The perfect kid-friendly project, these cute cupcakes are incredibly easy to bake and decorate. Get creative with your toppings – it’s a great way to use up any chocolates, sweeties or sprinkles that are hanging around in the cupboard.

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10. Triple chocolate & peanut butter layer cake

Chocolate layer cake with icing, drip chocolate and shard chocolate topping

Peanut butter aficionados will be pining after this show-stopping bake. It’s comprised of three fluffy sponges sandwiched together with a peanut butter icing, decorated with a dark chocolate ganache drip and piled high with all sorts of goodies, from chocolate eggs to crunchy pretzels. We guarantee it will be met with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from everyone.

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11. Storecupboard chocolate hazelnut cake

Chocolate cake with icing and hazelnuts on top

Raid your storecupboard for this failsafe chocolate cake. Ground hazelnuts deliver moist texture and a distinctive, buttery flavour – if you can't find them, try ground almonds instead.

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12. Chocolate traybake

Chocolate tray cake

When it comes to ease of serving and nostalgia, you can’t beat a good old-fashioned traybake. We’ve flavoured the sponge batter with plenty of cocoa powder and added a smooth chocolate icing to create an American-style sheet cake that’s perfect for an indoor celebration.

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13. Chocolate & raspberry birthday layer cake

Layered chocolate cake with pink icing and candles

Victoria sponge purists, look away now – we’ve upgraded the traditional bake with an indulgent cocoa twist. Chocolate and raspberries are a match made in heaven, and you can use convenient, budget-friendly frozen fruit in the lavish cream layer.

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14. Vegan chocolate party traybake

Vegan chocolate traybake cut into squares

This moreish chocolate cake is free from dairy and eggs, making it a great vegan option for a party or celebration. It’s super-versatile – choose your favourite plant milk, yogurt and spread to use. The result? Squidgy, rich squares that the whole family will enjoy.

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15. Chocolate birthday cake

Chocolate cake cut into squares with happy birthday candles

Bake this simple yet stunning chocolate traybake for a special birthday treat. Decorate with icing shapes and top with colourful candles. It's sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

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