Children's lion cake

Birthday cakes for kids

Inspired to make a homemade birthday cake for your little one? Pick your favourite and have a go with our ultimate collection of fun party cake recipes for kids.

Who doesn’t love a themed birthday cake? But with shop-bought varieties or ordered cakes quickly racking up the pounds, it definitely pays to make your own. Plus, it’s great fun having such a creative project to work on and you can’t beat the taste of a homemade cake. Our stunning recipes are also much simpler to make than you think, so get stuck in…


Hedgehog cake

Most children are naturally fascinated with the animal world, and this woodland-inspired hedgehog cake is bound to charm a crowd. Decorated with edible spikes, buttercream and chocolate details, this cake is simple to make, and the results are well worth it. For extra effect, garnish the board with woodland leaves, acorns and conkers – just make sure none of them end up on the kids’ plates!

Easy castle cake

A magical three-tiered sponge cake that’s simple to make, but you’d never think it. The art is all in the decoration with our easy castle cake and you can get as creative as you wish. A magical centrepiece for a very special party!

Happy lion birthday cake

Share a smile with this happy lion birthday cake and your party is sure to be a hit! Kids will love the simple yogurt vanilla buttercream and novelty sugar paste icing decoration.

Pirate ship & treasure island cake

Living with a little pirate? This amazing pirate ship and treasure island cake is sure to wow the crowd when it makes its grand entrance. And kids will love the hidden treasure buried on a sandy desert island, just waiting to be discovered.

Fire engine cake

It would be hard not to fall in love with this fun fire engine cake, but with details like a chocolate ladder, icing water splash, liquorice wheels, icing hose and toy fireman it’s just impossible. Happy decorating!

Dinosaur cake

Throwing a pre-historic party? This fabulous dinosaur cake will make it a roaring success! It looks really professional but is deceptively simple to make, with kid-friendly vanilla sponge, colourful decorations and crowd-pleasing chocolate sprinkles.

Surprise piñata football cake

A piñata, but not as you know it! This stunning surpise piñata football cake is easy to make but bound to cause lots of excitement. The perfect end to a football-themed party!

Pretty princess cake

Pull out all the stops with this sensational celebration cake, a princess doll enrobed in pink and white icing – it’s much simpler to make than you might think. Spraying the cake with an edible lustre at the end really gives this creation a magical, movie-like quality. Try our pretty princess cake.

For younger children it’s hard to resist our chocolate owl, teddy cake or birthday bug cake. If you really want to set hearts racing then give your cakes a liberal sprinkling of edible glitter, sprinkles or decorate with soft sweets or lollipops – and don’t forget the candles.

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Have you had any giant successes or failures when making your child’s birthday cake? What would be your child’s dream cake? We’d love to hear from you…