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Get inspired to make some out-of-the-ordinary treats with our clever twists on classic recipes. From new ways with popcorn to different ideas for pancake batter, it's time to get creative...

Looking to do something different with old favourites? Look no further! We’ve compiled our clever interpretations of the tried-and-tested classics so you can impress with less of the stress… 


5 ways with coffee cocktails
Give your cocktails a caffeine kick with our classy coffee concoctions. 
Coffee cocktail recipes

5 ways with bacon sandwiches
These sandwiches serve up some serious flavour, from sweet maple syrup to savoury homemade brown sauce. 
Bacon sandwich recipes

5 ways with oysters
This delectable shellfish is an impressive party starter and is sure to add luxury to any party plate. 
Oyster recipes

5 ways with mince pies
Move over classic pastry pies, we’ve revamped the traditional. We’re talking traybakes, tarts and more.
Mince pie recipes

5 ways with baked camembert
These oozy, cheesy creations have a topping to suit every taste, from candied bacon to a hint of the Mediterranean.
Baked camembert recipes

5 ways with toffee apples
Nothing says ‘autumn’ quite like a toffee apple. Try our rocky road version, or our cool vegan coconut twist. 
Toffee apple recipes

5 ways with flavoured popcorn
Make movie night all that more special with these flavoured popcorns you can make in minutes.
Flavoured popcorn recipes

5 ways with ice cream sandwiches
For when the summer heat gets too much, tickle your taste buds with these creamy ice cream sandwiches.
Ice cream sandwich recipes

5 ways with flavoured butters
Try a slice of fresh bread and a slathering of one of our flavoured butters with a swirl of something special.
Flavoured butter recipes

5 ways with corn on the cob
These delicious corn on the cob toppings will spice up any summer barbecue. 
Corn on the cob recipes

5 ways with chocolate pastry
Spruce up your shortcrust with our cocoa creations. Learn how to make some luscious pastries and pies.
Chocolate pastry recipes

5 ways to use pancake batter
Go sweet and savoury and turn those leftovers into a pancake feast. 
Pancake recipes


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