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5 ways with: Flavoured butters

5 ways with flavoured butters


Fresh bread and a thick spread of butter is one of life's simple pleasures. Up your flavour game and find your new favourite with our five brilliant butters

Flavoured butters can take toast from a standard boring breakfast to a sensational snack. Sophie Godwin has found five new flavours to add to your buttery repertoire. 


Espresso butter

Espresso butter piped into a rosette

Picture this: a steaming cup of coffee and a toasted slice of fresh banana bread with a swirl of coffee-flavoured butter. This could be your new breakfast routine, so try getting your caffeine craving in butter form! Beat together soft butter with a shot of espresso, a dash of vanilla extract and icing sugar to taste. Serve with warm or (even better) griddled sourdough - or our personal favourite, a freshly baked banana loaf.Try this out with our brilliant banana loaf topped with an icing sugar drizzle.

Chicken butter

Chicken butter served in a swirled pile

Stay with us on this one: this savoury butter will add the professional touch to your cooking and tastes great dolloped on chips. All you need to do is blitz crispy, roasted chicken skin in a food processor with flaky sea salt, a pinch of paprika and some butter.Try our guilty pleasure with these chunky oven chips.

Peshwari butter

Peshwari butter with raisins served in a small mound

This exotic butter is perfect smeared between hot, fluffy pancakes or stirred through your curries for a fruity, coconutty finish. To treat yourself to this beautiful butter, mix together a handful of desiccated coconut, toasted flaked almonds and sultanas. Then, beat in softened butter and chill until you need to use it. We heartily recommend our American-style plate-sized pancakes, with a teaspoon of peshwari butter melted on top. 

Nduja butter

Nduja butter served in a swirled sliced roll

This spicy, spreadable salami is a real Italian treat. The flavours of the pork, peppers and mixed spices rolled into butter make a decadent addition to a pasta bake. To make your butter, roll out room-temperature butter between two sheets of baking parchment, then spread all over with nduja. Re-roll the butter so that you have spirals of spicy sausage.Swirl a spoonful of this indulgent butter through our chunky sausage & tomato pasta.

Umami butter

umami butter served in a quenelle

This super-easy spreadable can be made in minutes and adds an irresistible savoury flavour to your dish of choice. To treat your tastebuds, simply grate Parmesan into softened butter and beat together with Marmite to taste. This incredible flavour explosion will change your toast game forever!

Whip up a savoury storm with umami butter on warm, homemade rustic bread.

If you're looking for more inspiration, try out our guide to making four more flavoured butters and some tasty looking serving suggestions.


Do you have your own favourite flavour combinations? Let us know in the comments below...

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