That irresistible combination of creamy sweetness and buttery biscuit base is why no one can resist a slice of cheesecake. We've picked the best festive cheesecake recipes for you and your dinner guests' delectation this Christmas. We have a tiramisu hybrid, a boozy Baileys creation with a layer of coffee jelly, plus many more. 'Tis the season to indulge.


1. Spiced apple cheesecake

Cheesecake on platter topped with caramel apples

If you need a dessert you can make ahead of time and you're a fan of Christmas spices, try our spiced apple cheesecake. Ricotta keeps the filling light and creamy while the cinnamon and ginger apple topping will satisfy a sweet tooth. Serve with a luscious brandy syrup sauce for ultimate luxury.

2. Tiramisu cheesecake

Tiramisu cheesecake with dusted cocoa with slice removed

Need a pick-me-up after your Christmas dinner? This beautiful hybrid dessert is the best bits of both tiramisu and cheesecake – an all-round winner. A dark chocolate biscuit base and crushed coffee beans ensure this super smooth treat isn't too sweet and won't be overwhelming after a large meal.

3. Christmas pudding cheesecake

Christmas pudding cheesecake with slice taken topped with orange slices

At Good Food we love it when a mash-up comes together, particularly when pudding is involved. This Christmas pudding cheesecake uses – yes, you guessed it – Christmas pudding mixed with a splash of stout, brandy and all-important creamy cheese. Dollop that unbeatable mix onto a ginger-nut base for a dessert that's sure to leave everyone smiling.

4. Chocolate orange cheesecake

Chocolate topped cheesecake on cake stand with slice taken

Everyone's favourite sweet stocking filler arrives in cheesecake form. Turn the humble chocolate orange into an ultra-decadent Christmas dessert. The dark chocolate base adds a grown-up twist that we cannot get enough of.

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5. Chocolate & hazelnut

Chocolate cheesecake on gold plate topped with Ferrero Rocher with slice removed

Spoil your guests rotten with this no-bake, never-fail chocolate & hazelnut cheesecake. This impressive-looking nutty pud is perfect for entertaining with minimal effort. Make the recipe in advance, chill until you're ready to serve, then bask in the glory.

6. Amaretti & sultana cheesecake

Amaretti cheesecake on stand with slice removed with glass of liqueur

Next up is a classic, Italian-inspired flavour pairing. Nutty almonds and juicy sultanas are the stars of the show in our amaretti cheesecake. If Disaronno is your tipple of choice, sink your fork into this smooth, baked filling and enjoy a little kick of it with an amaretti biscuit crumb base.

7. Iced chestnut ripple

Vanilla cheesecake with chestnut icing drizzle on board with two slices cut

Chocolate and chestnut are a dreamy, Christmassy combination fully exploited in this iced chestnut ripple cheesecake. Drizzle with a rum-laced, chestnut syrup for the final delicious flourish and serve with a warming glass of rum, if you like.

8. Baileys cheesecake

Cheesecake with coffee layer on stand with slice removed

Pure, unadulterated extravagance. This beautiful Baileys cheesecake has a sweet, creamy filling with a jelly layer of coffee on top of a shortcake biscuit base. Perfect with a cup of coffee after your meal – or you could skip dinner and cut straight to the cheesecake!

9. Sparkling lemon & amaretti ice

Lemon topped cheesecake on glass platter with slice cut

Need something fruity to cut through a rich Christmas dinner? We have the perfect recipe in the form of our lemon & amaretti ice cheesecake. This zesty dessert can be frozen in advance, including the lemon topping, so you can save yourself the stress on the big day.

10. Tia Maria cheesecake

Chocolate cheesecake topped with Ferrero Rocher

An American-style Tia Maria cheesecake is perfect for the holiday season. Our easy booze-laced pud not only has coffee liqueur mixed through the creamy filling but a couple of spoonfuls in the topping, too. Merry Christmas!

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