Two whole turbot fish on a white surface


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This large saltwater fish has delicate white flesh. Discover how to select the best turbot from the fishmongers and simple, yet delicious, ideas for cooking it.

A large saltwater flatfish with lumpy brown skin and a tiny head, turbot is unlikely to ever win any aquatic beauty contests – but it makes up for this with its delicious delicate white flesh. It is expensive to buy and should be cooked gently without other overpowering flavours.


Read more about responsible fishing at the Marine Stewardship Council website.

Choose the best

Choose turbot with creamy-white flesh. Ignore fish with a blue tinge or fatty flesh.

Prepare it

Turbot is easiest to cook when filleted – ask your fishmonger to do this. Reserve the bones to make fish stock.

Cook it

Turbot can simply be poached in white wine or grilled and served with a squeeze of lemon.



Try plaice or lemon sole.