• Large central button for pressure release, sleek design, bright display, easy to clean, long warranty


  • A lot of non-recyclable packaging, took a long time to preheat on slow-cook setting, difficult to identify some icons without the manual

Tefal Turbo Cuisine multi-cooker summary

Medium-sized households and batch-cooking regulars will gain plenty from this sophisticated Tefal multi-cooker. Its spherical, almost cauldron-like pot has a 4.8-litre capacity, and other attachments like a steam basket, measuring cup, ladle and rice spoon are thrown in, too.


Ten functions, which include stew, soup, sauté, steam, bake, slow cook, sous vide, rice, yogurt, bread rise, and porridge are available to choose on the preset menu. The display panel is a vibrant orange colour, and a welcoming 'hello' appears on the screen when you switch the power on.

It has a round but shorter body than other multi-cookers we've tested, so there's a good chance it will fit into kitchens with lower cupboards more easily than most. There are also two handles on either side for easy lifting.

How easy is the Tefal Turbo Cuisine to use?

Each function on the Turbo Cuisine is represented by an icon rather than a written label. This is nicer looking from an aesthetic point-of-view, but the icons are quite small so you have to bend down to properly see what each one is. Identifying them is fairly easy, but for reassurance we kept referring back to the manual to double-check.

The manual itself is simple to follow and includes a range of recipes and cooking charts. We loved the preheat icon that gradually glows as the heat levels rise. Each setting comes with default timings and temperatures, but these can also be adjusted. You can change the heat levels for sautéing, too – a handy function not offered by most of the models we tested.

For pressure-cooking novices, the large, central release button is an excellent feature that removes any anxiety around unlocking the float valve after cooking. Unlike other multi-cookers, there's no way of fixing the button into place (instead you hold it down to continue releasing pressure), but its user-friendly design is a huge win. It also feels more secure and better made than the traditional switches you find on other models.

Cooking results

We used the pressure-cook setting for our beef stew and were impressed with the outcome. The meat had a tender bite and could be sliced with a spoon, and the gravy was thick and rich. The vegetables, though a little soft, had the slight bite we were expecting, though next time we would cut them a little thicker.

Using the slow-cook function, we achieved a sweet, nutty chicken korma with succulent meat and well-developed spices. Unfortunately, preheating took almost an hour before cook mode eventually kicked in – advice online recommends resetting the appliance if this issue occurs, but there's no mention of it in the manual's troubleshooting guide.

We used this gadget's bake setting too and made a gluten-free lemon drizzle cake. It was a success in parts: the cake had a good depth and a pleasant moist texture. However, the colour was inconsistent and only the sides and base had browned.

Cleaning was a doddle and there were no tough burn marks or stains to contend with. We also loved that this model has no water traps or tight nooks, so any splashes or pools of water can be wiped away with ease.

How sustainable is the Tefal Turbo Cuisine?

When measuring energy efficiency, we found the Turbo Cuisine scored mid-range versus the other multi-cookers in our tests, costing 4.38p to run for 30 minutes on high (based on a variable tariff of 31.8p/kWh). This model also benefits from a two-year warranty, extending slightly beyond what most manufacturers offer.

Some of the packaging couldn't be recycled, including the plastic wrapping around the body of the gadget, plus the utensils inside. There was some recyclable paper wrap and cardboard inside the box though.


There is a lot to admire about the Tefal Turbo Cuisine, and its intuitive features and lengthy guarantee certainly make it stand out versus others on the market. We loved its smooth, rounded design and the central button is a clever addition that eliminates any nervousness pressure-cooking newbies might experience. Its icon-heavy display is less user-friendly, though aesthetically-pleasing, so an ideal choice if you're planning on keeping it on the worktop.

Tefal Turbo Cuisine multi-cooker specifications

Wattage: 1000W
Dimensions (cm): 29 x 31 x 34
Presets: 10
Materials: plastic and aluminium
Guarantee: 2 years


All costs-to-run calculations were done against the variable tariff at the time of testing (31.8p/kWh), which may have since changed – read more on the current energy price guarantee rates.