What is haddock?

A white-fleshed salt water fish often compared with cod in flavour and texture. Found on the seabed of cold northern seas in Europe and North America, haddock has suffered from overfishing.

Read more about responsible fishing at Seafish and Marine Stewardship Council.

When is haddock in season?

Haddock is at its peak during the winter and spring, between November and April, as the cold air makes the flesh firmer.

Choose the best haddock

Look for fresh white flesh without a grey tinge, and choose from a reputable fishmonger who sources from sustainable stocks.

How to cook haddock

Haddock is a versatile fish that is fantastic baked whole in its skin (to prevent the fish from falling apart). It is also great battered and fried to make fish and chips or in a rich fish pie.

See our haddock recipe collection for ideas.

Alternatives to haddock

Try cod or whiting.