Pancake day

Making pancakes tonight? If so, where do you stand on the great pre-made pancake mix debate?


Shopping basketI was ambling around Sainsbury's yesterday when something truly offensive caught my eye: a squeezy bottle of pancake mix. And as if that wasn't bad enough I saw a couple of people seriously considering the option. Thankfully they quickly rejected the idea for the foolishness that it was.

BatterWhat could possibly be the reason for the existence of this product? Money? Admittedly, at a cost of £0.99 it could hardly be called an expensive option (although the environment might disagree) but there's no doubt that a homemade batter would be significantly less. Time? Well it only takes a few minutes to knock up a batter and most people would surely have the ingredients - milk, eggs, flour - at home. Factoring in the unnecessary trip to the supermarket - there's no comparison.

So - the appearance of this item struck me as a vile testimony to modern living - are we really so lazy or know so little about cooking that we can no longer make the most basic of recipes?

PancakesSurely, you can't go far wrong when making a pancake batter - really it's the frying that can prove tricky and no matter how much you try and make the contents of that squeezy bottle cook themselves they won't.

As someone who's always loved to cook - have I simply lost touch with the average person or is there genuinely something wrong with this? What do you think?

Are there any other 'convenience products' that you think go a step too far?