3 ways with Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a classic Christmas side dish – and the butt of jokes. Learn to love these veggies with recipe ideas using either chorizo, sage, or soy.

How to make your sprouts extra special:

Cook 400g trimmed Brussels sprouts in simmering water for 2 mins then drain and steam. Dry the sprouts. Cool them quickly and chill them until needed. This can be done up to two days before Christmas Day. When you’re ready to serve the sprouts, add your choice of flavouring and reheat according to the instructions below.


1. Chorizo & almond sprouts

  • Melt 50g butter in a frying pan, add 50g peeled and chopped chorizo, cook for 5 mins on a medium heat.
  • Add the blanched sprouts and fry for 5-6 mins until nicely browned, then stir through 50g blanched, chopped almonds.

2. Sage & lemon sprouts

  • Melt 50g butter in a frying pan, cook for 5 mins over a medium heat then add ½ pack sage leaves and fry until crisp.
  • Return sprouts to pan and cook for 5-6 mins until nicely browned, then stir through the zest and juice ½ lemon and season.

3. Soy & honey sprouts

  • Mix together 1½ tbsp soy, ½ tbsp honey and a generous pinch of chilli flakes.
  • Melt 50g butter in a pan, return the sprouts and cook for 3 mins.
  • Pour in the soy mixture and cook the sprouts for a further 3 mins until sticky and caramelised.

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