• compact design, option to customise settings, clear to see when pot has de-pressurised, very vocal, silicone coated handles, clear time display


  • switch to release pressure very close to steam release valve, smells and flavours permeate lid and rubber ring, little information in manual about other settings, progress indicator a little finnicky

Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker summary

Instant Pot is probably the name most synonymous with multi-cookers. This model comes equipped with 10 different settings, including five customisable 'favourite' settings. Presets include pressure cook and slow cook as standard, as well as rice, sous vide, yogurt and more.


The somewhat busy display screen is surrounded by the 10 setting buttons. These are clear, easy to read and responsive. Included with this Instant Pot is an extra sealing ring and steam rack.

This model comes in two sizes: 5.7L for up to six people and 8L for up to eight people.

Instant Pot 001

How easy is the Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker to use?

This multi-cooker arrived securely packaged. It is a relatively compact model that was quick and easy to remove from the box and set up on the countertop.

The Instant Pot comes ready assembled, so once all the packaging had been removed and the main bowl cleaned, it was a doddle to get started. One feature we particularly loved was the two silicone-covered handles on the main pot. These made lifting the pot out a breeze and the silicone kept the handles cool, too, even after a couple of hours of slow cooking.

All 10 buttons on the front of the Instant Pot were responsive and well labelled. The display takes getting used to as it is a little busy, but, overall, it is clear and relatively easy to read. When slow cooking, we spotted that the progress indicator remained on the 'preheat' for the majority of the time. It was only towards the end of the cooking time that the indicator quickly jumped to display 'cooking'. We searched the internet for help and found that this was a common issue. Unfortunately, the manual didn’t offer any troubleshooting information regarding this.

Although the manual is clear and useful regarding assembly plus the various cooking times and temperatures of a variety of ingredients, it is very pressure cooking focused. There is little descriptive or useful information on the other settings, which was a shame as we struggled with some of the other pre-sets.

This Instant Pot is relatively compact on the kitchen counter and takes up no more surface space than a four-slot toaster. The lid also comes off entirely, so this model is sure to fit under even the lowest hanging cupboards.

All the attachments are dishwasher safe for easy clean up, but we did notice that the sealing ring and lid held onto aromas, even after cleaning.


For both our pressure-cooked dish (beef stew) and slow-cooked dish (chicken korma), the meat was tender but ever so slightly on the dry side. The gravy for both dishes was well reduced and exactly the consistency we were looking for.

The vegetables in the beef stew were fully cooked but retained some bite. The carrots in particular were flavoursome and offered a welcome brightness against the richness of the rest of the dish.

To prepare both dishes we used the sauté function. There are either high or low pre-set temperatures or the option to cook manually, for which there are five temperature settings. Although the main pot is not non-stick, nothing stuck, which we were happy to see. We did notice some hot spots though, which meant we had to be more attentive than usual to ensure no burning.

We failed to bake a cake in this Instant Pot. As mentioned, there is not enough information in the manual about baking, but we persevered. We attempted to make BBC Good Food’s lemon drizzle cake. The amount of batter and size of the bowl led us to believe that the high setting would be best to bake the cake on. After preheating and popping the batter in, a 'food burn' alert displayed after 10 minutes. We attempted a second batch using the low setting, unfortunately the same thing happened. Instant Pot needs to provide more information on how to bake in this multi-cooker.

Instant Pot 002

How sustainable is the Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker?

Clear recycling information is included within the manual, and although there was a considerable amount of plastic used to package this multi-cooker, there were some cardboard elements, too; we’d have liked to have seen more of these.

Spare parts are available to buy and the full range can be found on the Instant Pot website.


This is a powerful multi-cooker that would suit someone looking for an upgrade. It comes with a good selection of basic settings as well as those geared towards creative cooks. The Instant Pot is a vocal machine thanks to its various beeps and alerts that constantly keep you in the loop. It is clear to see when this pot has depressurised and although we were a little nervous about the pressure release switch, the steam release valve is covered to direct the steam.

Instant Pot Multi-Use Pressure Cooker specifications

Wattage: 1200W
Capacity: 5.7L and 8L
Number of settings: 10
Settings: pressure cook, rice/grain, steam, sauté, slow cook, sous vide, yogurt, bake
Accessories included: extra sealing ring, steam rack
Made in: China

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