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DeLonghi CTO4 Argento Silva toaster review

Published: February 7, 2022 at 4:48 pm
A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
Our Rating

You have the benefit of precision toasting with this striking Italian model. Read our full review of the DeLonghi Argento Silva toaster.


  • Lovely looking, surprisingly cheap for such an attractive toaster, two separate sets of controls


  • Hard to find the toasting sweet spot

DeLonghi CTO4 Argento Silva toaster summary

This toaster is undeniably gorgeous. We tested the mustard yellow version but it comes in a host of colours including pink and blue, so you can find a colour to complement your kitchen. Less impressive is the packaging, which is a bit excessive, complete with polystyrene.


It’s not just the colour that is striking. The lifting knobs stand out too as they are unusually fancy and ergonomically designed. Plus, rather than just selecting the toasting level on a dial, this has a little window with a retro-style gauge so you can choose exactly how brown you would like it.

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How easy is the DeLonghi CTO4 Argento Silva toaster to use?

The toaster has the standard buttons of cancel, reheat and defrost, which are clearly marked with icons. The manual is a basic but contains all you need.

There are six toasting levels, but within that is the ability to be very precise as you can do a low three or a high three, or select the border of two settings.

A good feature of this toaster is that the four slots operate in pairs, each couple with its own control. This means you could be toasting slices from the freezer on one side and browning a bagel in the other, which is another bonus for busy families.


This took quite a lot of trial and error to get the desired level of toasting and we had several underdone/overdone slices before hitting a sweet spot.

There was a big difference between the different levels – our bagel on level 3 was spot-on while a bagel on level 4 took 30 seconds extra and ended up, burnt, in the bin. Toasting time was quick – around 2 mins 10 for an ordinary slice.

Most slices toasted to the top, though not for a few of the tallest slices. Smaller slices took a little extra effort to remove. However, toasting was fairly even on both sides.


This toaster will sit happily in most styles of kitchen. Although it’s a four-slot toaster, its footprint isn’t too big. It did take time to get used to the brownness levels, but once you work those out you should be fine, so it would be unfair to rule it out on those grounds.

Full product specifications

Wattage: 1600 watts
Weight: 2k
Size: 185x329x200mm

Key features:

Bagel function: no
Defrost function: yes
Cancel button: yes
Manufacturer warranty: one year
Removable crumb tray: yes
Wide slots: yes

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