Around 8.5 million people are now following a gluten-free diet in the UK. With an increase in diagnoses of coeliac disease and other gluten intolerances, being able to buy good quality gluten-free products has become more important and, thankfully, the supermarkets are responding.


While it was once difficult to find gluten-free breads that weren't unpleasantly dry, crumbly or sweet, an increasing number of retailers are now making higher quality free-from breads. Often, matching the taste and texture of regular versions.

We've made it our mission to try a wide variety of sliced breads, sourdough loaves, crumpets, pittas, baps and more – so you know you're buying the best. Below, you'll find our top picks from big name brands including Warburtons, M&S and Co Op.

For more unbiased expert buyer’s guides, visit our reviews section to find 200+ round-ups, including best collagen powder, vegan ice cream and plant-based fish.

If you have coeliac disease or a sensitivity to gluten, finding foods you can eat that won't put you at risk of illness can be stressful. We have a collection of delicious gluten-free recipes you can try – all are nutritionist approved.

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Best gluten-free bread at a glance

  • Best sourdough: Gluten-free Sourdough Hand-Crafted Dark Bread with Seeds, £3.90
  • Best rolls: M&S Made Without tiger rolls, £2.90
  • Best crumpets: Warburtons gluten-free crumpets, £2.10
  • Best pittas: BFree gluten-free pitta breads, £2.50
  • Best pizza: Crosta & Mollica gluten-free margherita, £6.25
  • Best artisan loaf: Good Grain gluten-free sourdough, £5.20
  • Best classic brown loaf: M&S Made Without brown bloomer sliced loaf, £2.50
  • Best for families: Promise gluten-free white sliced loaf, £3.25
  • Best budget gluten-free bread: Asda Free From 50/50 loaf, £1.55
  • Best for sandwiches: Co Op Free From brown seeded loaf, £3.20
  • Best gluten-free crackers: Nairn's gluten-free sourdough flatbreads, £1.50

The best gluten-free bread 2023

Gradz Gluten-free Sourdough Hand-Crafted Dark Bread with Seeds


Best sourdough loaf
Rating: 5/5

With a fantastic malty flavour, this bread was one of the best gluten-free loaves we tried. The dense sourdough texture, impressive chew and generous scattering of seeds give each slice a hearty, wholesome quality. It toasted well, turning golden brown with an even crunch, but still tasted great untoasted – when it comes to gluten-free bread, it can be hard to find a loaf that does both.

The flavour and texture of this bread mean it would work well in sandwiches or simply toasted with butter and your favourite spread. It would also make delicious croutons to add to homemade soup.

Available from Ocado (£3.90)

M&S Made Without Tiger Rolls


Best rolls
Rating: 4.5/5

We knew we were onto a winner as soon as we took our first bite of these rolls. The tiger crackle on top, made using rice flour, adds golden colour and a texture similar to melted cheese. The rolls are firm enough to slice but not crumbly, with a light doughy softness, which means they could be used for burgers or sandwiches. Unlike other gluten-free rolls we tried, these weren't overly sweet and didn't leave an artificial taste in your mouth.

We should point out that if you're looking for a crusty roll, these aren't right for you. Although we thoroughly enjoyed the soft, bready texture.

Available from Ocado (£2.90)

Warburtons gluten-free crumpets


Best crumpets
Rating: 5/5

These were recommended by several people in our office and, as BIG crumpet fans, we're pleased to tell you they didn't disappoint. They toast wonderfully, keeping a soft inside and crunchy outer layer. They do have a slightly more pronounced flavour than classic crumpets (that'll be the maize and potato starch used to keep them gluten-free), but we didn't find it overpowering when topping ours with butter, savoury spreads or honey.

While the charred base might not be for everyone, we enjoyed the rustic flavour and homemade look it added to the crumpets.

Available from Ocado (£2.10)

BFree gluten-free pitta breads


Best pittas
Rating: 5/5

As gluten-free breads can be on the dry side, we were concerned that thin pittas would be hard to get right. We needn't have worried because the good people at BFree are on the case, making delicious stone-baked pitta breads which are light, chewy and full of flavour. The charred lines, which come from the cooking process, make these pittas look and taste authentic.

Like all pitta breads, these really are best eaten toasted. We found they stood up well to scooping hummus and to make tasty pitta pockets.

Available from Ocado (£2.50)

Crosta & Mollica gluten-free margherita


Crisp, cheesy and totally delicious, we would definitely buy this gluten-free pizza again. Compared to the rest of the pizzas in Crosta & Mollica's range (of which we love them all) the crust is much thinner and less bready, but in a way that reminded us of pizzas we have on holiday. What's not to love about that? We particularly enjoyed the generous scattering of oregano which gave the pizza a nice herby flavour.

We challenge you to give this to your gluten-eating friends and see if they notice!

Best pizza
Rating: 5/5

Available from Ocado (£6.25)

Good Grain gluten-free sourdough

Good Grain Bakery Gluten Free Sourdough

Best artisan loaf
Rating: 3.5/5

The substantial weight of this loaf translates to a dense, nutty flavoured crumb with buckwheat undertones and a reasonably thick, caramel brown crust. A tip on the packaging advises to freshen the loaf up by popping it in the toaster on a low setting for 2-3 minutes – this proved key as, without any toasting, the bread did taste a little stale.

We enjoyed toasted slices of this loaf for breakfast, slathered with butter and our favourite jam. Thanks to its hearty texture, it would also be delicious topped with scrambled eggs, mushrooms or avocado.

Available from Ocado (£5.20)

M&S Made Without brown bloomer sliced loaf

M&S Made Without Brown Bloomer Slices

Best classic brown loaf
Rating: 3.5/5

If you're looking for a gluten-free replacement for your standard sliced loaf, this could very well be it. Yes, it does have a slightly cakey texture and a sweetness you wouldn't normally get from regular brown bread. However, we should point out that this loaf is considerably better than many other gluten-free breads available. The millet flakes on top reminded us of old school bakery loaves. And this bread comes with health benefits, being a natural source of vitamin D and fibre.

We found the slices were vastly improved with toasting, giving a more savoury taste and light, even crunch. For that reason, this brown bloomer would be best toasted for breakfast or used to make toasted sandwiches.

Available from Ocado (£2.50)

Promise gluten-free white sliced loaf


Best for families
Rating: 4/5

Many of the gluten-free breads we tried came in small slices, which would be a pain if you're feeding a family. Having to toast two slices per person means a loaf wouldn't go as far, and it would result in small, less filling sandwiches. But we were pleasantly surprised to try this sizeable white loaf from the gluten-free bakers at Promise. The loaf is large, even by regular bread standards, making it a good option for feeding your gluten-free family.

Untoasted, this bread is on the sweeter side, but toasted it holds together well and would be delicious topped with baked beans or used to make a bacon sandwich.

Available from Ocado (£3.25)

Asda Free From 50/50 loaf

ASDA Free From 50:50 Loaf

Best budget loaf
Rating: 3.5/5

Buying gluten-free bread can be expensive. With many brands charging a premium, it's nice to see that Asda have kept their sliced gluten-free loaf on the budget-friendly side. While this didn't blow our minds in terms of flavour, it does have a classic sliced loaf texture which many people enjoy. When toasted, it has a light, fluffy texture inside that we found to be very pleasant for breakfast. Plus, it's free from eggs and dairy, too, so it's perfect for vegans.

The size and texture of this loaf make it just right for kids' sandwiches or quick breakfasts.

Available from Asda (1.55)

Co Op Free From brown seeded loaf


Best for sandwiches
Rating: 5/5

It's rare to find a gluten-free bread that tastes better untoasted than toasted, but that is the case with Co Op's seeded loaf. Deliciously malty with an impressive chew, this classic brown loaf would be perfect for sandwiches. The crust – a crucial element when it comes to good bread – is thick with a nutty flavour.

When it comes to seeded bread, we like our seeds to stand out. We felt this loaf could have a more generous helping scattered throughout or over the top, to enhance the seeded flavour and texture.

Available from: Co Op (£3.20)

Nairn's gluten-free sourdough flatbreads


Best gluten-free crackers
Rating: 4/5

These crispy, crunchy flatbreads are packed with wholegrain oats, which not only gives them a distinctive flavour, it also adds a good dose of fibre. They're a little more crumbly than regular crackers, but otherwise we'd struggle to tell these were gluten-free. Topped with hummus and fresh tomatoes, you couldn't ask for more for an easy, healthy lunch.

Available from: Waitrose (£1.50)

How we tested...

What we looked for...

Gluten-free: All entries were strictly free from gluten.

Texture: We looked for gluten-free bread that was as close in texture to regular bread as possible. Good chew, crunch when toasted and a light texture were important. Crumbly, raw or dry biscuity breads were marked down.

Taste: We looked for gluten-free bread which tasted as close to regular bread as possible. Specifically malty, seeded, wholemeal or neutral flavours. Overly sweet, artificial tasting breads were marked down.

Toast-ability: Apart from the white rolls, all gluten-free breads were tried toasted and untoasted to see how they behaved. We looked for even crunch, golden colour and a slight chew. Breads which became dry, hard or crumbly were marked down.

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