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Whether you're entertaining friends or family at the weekend, or simply want to read the Sunday papers while indulging in your favourite brunch dish, make sure you have the right kit to maximise your me-time. For more unbiased advise on kitchen essentials, kit and gadgets, visit our reviews section and find over 400 practical buyer's guides.

Specialist frying pan

Black divided frying pan on white background

Master Pan divided frying pan

We never realised how messy things can get trying to cook lots of breakfast items together until we tried this brilliant frying pan with lots of cooking sections. There's no need to despair over runny baked beans spilling into fried eggs as this frying pan has a compartment for everything. Storage wise, it may not suit if you're limited on cupboard space as it spans nearly 40cm in width, however you'll find no limit to the amount of items you can cook in each little segment. When we tried it out we had no problems with food sticking, meaning minimum cooking oil was needed and cleaning was easy. A solid investment that will get lots of use.

Buy from Amazon (£48.72)

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Egg poaching pan

stainless steel poaching pan with black handle on white background

ProCook Gourmet steel 4-egg poacher

For those who love to brunch, a poaching pan should be considered a kitchen cupboard essential – and if you're looking for a reliable pan that delivers perfect poached eggs every time, this is the one. The ProCook poaching pan allows you to make consistently runny poached eggs within minutes and you don't have to waste time cooking them one-by-one, or risk a burn by having to swirl boiling water around a regular saucepan. Although it claims to be dishwasher safe, we would recommend you clean the individual compartments by hand as, with most pans, they may lose their non-stick properties over time.

Buy from ProCook (£34)

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Pancake griddle

Black flat griddle pan on white background

Lakeland Swift flat griddle pan

Calling all pancake lovers... Lakeland's griddle pan offers a foolproof way to turn out perfect pancakes every time. When we put it to the test, we used hardly any oil because of the pan's super non-stick properties. You can also class it as a practical purchase because, apart from making pancakes, you can also use it for cooking naan breads, Welsh cakes, drop scones and omelettes. The pan can be used on all types of hobs and is also fairly easy to clean.

Buy from Lakeland (£69.99)

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Waffle maker

Stainless steel waffle maker on white background

Cuisinart WAF1U waffle maker

As waffles for breakfast (and dessert) become increasingly popular, lots of us are tempted to try making them at home. This machine is ideal if you're a novice and with our homemade waffle recipe, you can create perfect crispy creations with ease. It's great fun with the kids too, but it gets hot pretty quickly so we advise that an adult takes control when it comes to pressing the waffles.


See-through stainless steel toaster on white background

Magimix Vision toaster

We all have strong opinions on how light or dark we think our toast should be and now, with this incredible see-through gadget, we can actually watch the toasting process to make sure the end product is just right. As well as adding a bit of theatre to the kitchen, we found it really easy to use, attractive while sitting idle on the kitchen counter and quite simple to clean with a handy slide-out crumb tray. The attention to design, inside and out, is reflected in the price.

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Coffee machine

Red espresso coffee machine on white background

KitchenAid Nespresso Artisan coffee maker

Wake up and smell the coffee! We reviewed the best equipment for that perfect cup of java in our coffee machine review and the KitchenAid Nespresso came out on top. This pod machine doesn’t have a milk attachment but the coffee extraction is excellent and if you are looking for milk-based coffee drinks, the Nespresso range has plenty of options. It’s quite large for a pod machine (almost as big as a manual home espresso maker) but the water chamber is built-in so the whole thing feels neat and tidy.

Slow juicer

Cream retro SMEG slow juicer on white background

Smeg slow juicer

Juicing is a fast-growing trend and fresh juice is a great addition to any brunch. This Smeg slow juicer, with its classic retro design, was crowned our Star Buy when we put a range of machines to the test. It affords you the option of two strainers for fine or thicker juice, producing incredibly smooth results. In contrast to some of the heavy and unattractive machinery on the market, this slickly designed and relatively lightweight model would keep pride of place on our kitchen counter.

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Egg cups

Rainbow coloured stoneware egg cups on white background

Le Creuset stoneware rainbow egg cups

Add a splash of colour to your brunch service with this beautiful set of rainbow egg cups. True to the iconic style of Le Creuset, each stoneware egg cup is made from specialist clay, making them all robust, durable and safe for putting in the dishwasher.

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Avocado gadget

black and white avocado tool on white background

OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 avocado slicer
If you're looking for a tool that cuts open, pits and slices your avocado, allowing you to create the perfect avo on toast in a flash, this quirky little gadget is what you need. The blade is relatively sharp so it cuts through the skin of the avocado with ease, however it's not too sharp that you worry about cutting yourself. The slicer creates evenly-sized chunks of avocado which make for a pretty impressive dish at brunch time.

Toast tongs

Red bamboo toast tong tool on white background

Divertimenti Pebbly magnetic toast tongs

Don't be fooled into thinking this is another gimmicky kitchen gadget – this set of bamboo toaster tongs is a genius way of avoiding burnt fingertips when retrieving toast from piping hot toasters. Particularly handy with larger appliances where pieces of bread may get lost inside, you will soon come to wonder why you didn't already have this fun and inexpensive kitchen accessory.

Available from Divertimenti (£5.50).

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Once you're kitted out with the best brunch gadgets, you'll want to host brunch every weekend. For more product picks, visit our reviews section and don't forget to check out our brunch recipes.

What's your most valued piece of brunch equipment? Share your thoughts with us below...


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