If you've invested in a pizza oven, you're going to want to make the most of it. Of course, you can spend time mastering the art of making the perfect pizza in just minutes, enjoying the taste of wood- or charcoal-fired crusts depending on the style of your pizza oven. We've got plenty of pizza recipes (including healthy pizza recipes, vegetarian pizzas and pizza recipes to make with kids) to keep you inspired.


But, when you're not making pizza, your pizza oven doesn't have to be left under its cover. A pizza oven can be used to make plenty of other recipes, from roast meats to quick traybakes. Lots of recipes can also be cooked in the residual heat from making pizzas while the oven cools down (or even as it is warming up beforehand) to make the most of the energy expended by turning on your pizza oven.

The range of recipes you can make will depend on the style and shape of your pizza oven. Narrow or electric pizza ovens might only have an opening wide enough to slide in a baking tray with a few salmon fillets on, whereas larger rounded models may be able to fit a whole chicken.

Check out our best pizza ovens review for our tried-and-tested verdicts on the best model to buy for you, including reviews of Ooni, Gozney and Roccbox models. We've also picked the best pizza oven accessories and tools to help you make the most of your oven, including the best pizza stones and best pizza cutters.

What you cook in a pizza oven:

  • Sweet pizzas
  • Baked camembert
  • Spatchcock chicken
  • Pittas
  • Roast vegetables
  • Sides of salmon
  • Paneer kebabs
  • Fruit desserts

What can you cook in a pizza oven?

Sweet pizzas

Chocolate pizza topped with marshmallow and served with

If you want to stick to the pizza realm but are bored of classic margherita, it’s time to branch into the decadent world of sweet pizzas. Kids will love this chocolate pizza recipe, complete with a chocolate chip-stuffed crust. We've topped the chocolate spread with marshmallows, but you could experiment with sliced bananas, strawberries, pretzel pieces or a drizzle of caramel sauce, too.

More like this

Baked camembert

Baked camembert filled with whisky and nuts

Our expert product tester Lydia Anderson suggests the high heat of a pizza oven is ideal for quickly melting camembert – a great starter snack to share. Put the cheese on a baking tray or in a ceramic pot that can withstand high temperatures to avoid getting melted cheese all over your pizza oven. Try our classic baked camembert recipe or go all out with our whisky & nut baked camembert.

Spatchcock chicken

Chilli, garlic, oregano spatchcock chicken with chipotle aioli

Some models of pizza ovens have fairly narrow openings, so while you may not be able to fit large joints of meat, a flat spatchcocked chicken can slide in and will evenly cook more quickly. Follow Diana Henry's classic spatchcock chicken recipe with spiced aïoli, or go for an Indian twist with this masala spatchcock chicken.



Senior Food editor Anna Glover says, "I love making pittas in the pizza oven – they puff up in seconds and are great with salads, or for serving with dips as a starter. I make a load when the oven is on, mostly when it’s cooling down a little after the main event, then freeze them for quick lunches." Follow our pitta recipe to get started.

Roast vegetables

Roasted Vegetables

Food editor Ailsa Burt suggests "a tray of vegetables would char nicely" in a pizza oven, and the narrow openings are ideal for traybakes. This is a great way to utilise the heat as the oven is heating up or cooling down, in order to have veg to serve with your meal or save for later. Our roasted vegetables medley combines sweet potatoes, red peppers, courgettes, tomatoes and broccoli, but you can use what you have – aubergines or smoky charred cabbage would be great, too.

Sides of salmon

blackened roast salmon with avocado and mango salsa

Another great option for pizza ovens with narrow openings, salmon cooks quickly and takes on smoky flavours well. For something impressive, try roasting a whole side of salmon – our blackened roast salmon recipe is served with a fresh mango and avocado salsa, or try harissa salmon with herby couscous.

Paneer skewers

tandoori paneer skewers with mango salsa

While everyone is busy prepping pizzas, slide a tray of skewers in the pizza oven as it warms up for a great snack. Experiment with different cheeses (halloumi would be great) and vegetable combinations. Our tandoori paneer skewers alternate marinated paneer with peppers and onions. Anna Glover recommends putting skewers on a heavy baking tray to cook, as the thinner ones can buckle under the intense heat.

Fruit desserts

spiced grilled pineapple with maple sesame brittle

Making dessert in your pizza oven is a great way to use the residual heat after you've made pizzas. Put wedges of pineapple on an oiled baking sheet to make this spiced grilled pineapple with maple sesame brittle. You could also slice peaches or nectarines in half, roast and serve with ice cream, or wrap bananas in foil and cook until soft and caramelised and serve with chocolate sauce. Check out our BBQ dessert recipe collection for more ideas – lots of these can be easily adapted to use a pizza oven.


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