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When eating a takeaway pizza, you might wonder how it arrives so perfectly cut into slices. For that, you need a pizza cutter. It’s purpose is to easily slice through toppings like pepperoni, chargrilled veg on a vegetarian pizza or the thick crust of a deep-dish pie without dragging and crumpling the dough and cheese. With a choice of pizza cutters readily available, there’s no reason not to invest in one.

If you're serious about homemade pizza, you may also be interested in a pizza oven for a summer of al fresco entertaining. We've tested the top models available – check out our review of the Ooni Koda and the Gozney Roccbox pizza ovens to name a few. Whether using a pizza oven or just cooking indoors, our guide to the best pizza accessories covers everything else you need for the best results, including a dough scraper and pizza stone.

How to choose the best pizza cutter

There’s a wide range of pizza cutters out there of different shapes, types, sizes and prices. To decide which one is best for you, it’s worth thinking about the following:

  • Size – some of the pizza cutters we tested wouldn’t fit easily in the drawer and one would barely fit in the cupboard. If you have a small kitchen, you may prefer a dinkier cutter.
  • Safety – a pizza cutter is by definition sharp. You might want one with safety features to avoid accidents, especially if you have kids.
  • Shape – Some pizza wheels are, well, wheel-shaped while other cutters have longer handles. There are also pizza scissors. Which is most comfortable for you to hold?
  • Washing – pizza wheels inevitably end up covered in melted cheese and tomato sauce so easy cleaning is a must. Some come completely apart for cleaning while others are dishwasher-proof.
  • Features – some of our sample had clever features e.g. one is suitable for non-stick surfaces – crucial if you cut your pizza while still on the oven tray.
  • Price – you can spend (almost) as little or as much as you want – our sample ranged from £2.25 to around £45.

Testing pizza cutters

This pizza cutters video is from our friends at America's Test Kitchen.

Best pizza cutter and scissors at a glance

  • Best overall pizza cutter – JosephJoseph easy clean pizza cutter, £12
  • Best value pizza cutter – Wilko stainless steel pizza cutter, £2.25
  • Best pizza scissors – Dunelm Handy Kitchen pizza scissors, £4
  • Best pizza cutter for design - Brabantia pizza cutter plus blade guard, £8.75
  • Best novelty pizza cutter – Red Candy Fixie bicycle cutter, £22
  • Most versatile pizza cutter – Oxo Good Grip pizza wheel, £9
  • Best pizza cutter for making an impression – DeliVita pizza cutter, £44.50
  • Best pizza cutter for parents – Big Green Egg ultimate pizza wheel, £14
  • Best budget pizza cutter – Judge pizza rotella, £5.50
  • Most comfortable to use pizza cutter – KitchenAid pizza wheel, £9.99

Best pizza cutters and scissors to buy in 2023

JosephJoseph disc easy-clean pizza cutter

Best overall pizza cutter

JosephJoseph pizza cutter

Pros: Stylish, effective, clever design
Cons: None

This mid-priced pizza cutter has an awful lot going for it. It cut effortlessly through all of our pizzas – thin and deep crust, vegetarian and salami. Designed in a compact wheel style, it has a little hole in the middle for you to put your finger through for extra grip. It’s easy and comfortable to hold and looks good too, with a dark case contrasting with the red finger grip. It cut very well and first time.

A cleverly designed silicone band across the bottom of the case makes for a secure and comfortable grip when you’re using it. When you’ve finished, you pull the blade out to wash it (by hand or in the dishwasher). When clean, you pop the blade back in, unhook the silicone strip from its metal stud and twist it round to cover the blade, protecting it – and you – when in the drawer. Its compact size means it won’t take up too much space either.

Wilko stainless steel pizza cutter

Best value pizza cutter

Wilko pizza cutter

Pros: Very cheap, effective
Cons: Small wheel, not dishwasher-safe

You can’t go far wrong with this pizza wheel, which belies its budget price tag.

We were extremely impressed with its excellent cutting ability, which was equal to many of the more expensive cutters we tested. The finger guard protects against splashes and also allows you to use extra force as you can rest a finger on it and push through a thick-based pizza. However, the wheel doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as some of the others we tested and it is smaller than average.

The cutter is attractive, with a soft-grip black handle and contrasting stainless steel trim. It’s easy to clean (though you shouldn’t use harsh detergents or scourers) but one drawback is that it isn’t dishwasher-proof.

More like this

Dunelm Handy Kitchen pizza scissors

Best pizza scissors

Dunelm pizza scissors

Pros: Fun, good value, effective
Cons: Bulky to store

Sometimes snipping is easier than cutting. These long scissors cut through both our deep pan and our thin crust pizzas in a snip.

On the side of one scissor blade is a slice-shaped paddle, so as soon as you have cut your slice you can scoop it straight onto a plate without having to touch it. It even spells out “pizza” (just in case you were in any doubt).

This is highly effective as well as quirky, but it would take up a lot of room in your cutlery drawer. Its shape means it won’t slide into a drawer easily. It will be a hit with kids, though, even if the large size of the scissors means small hands might need some help.

Brabantia pizza cutter plus blade guard

Best pizza cutter for design

Brabantia pizza cutter

Pros: Very safe to store, easy to clean, easy to transport
Cons: Case isn’t the most stylish looking

The clever design helps avoid any risk of cutting your finger when you take it out of the drawer. The circular cutter fits neatly into its case so it can be stored without any sharp edges on display. When you need to use it, simply open the case and lock the blade into position so it is peeking out of the top – the case then becomes the handle. There are easy to follow instructions on the box if you need a helping hand the first time you use it.

Coming completely apart makes this extremely easy to cleanm either by hand or in the dishwasher. The design also makes it very straightforward to transport should you fancy eating al fresco – you can slip it in your bag without fear it will snag on anything.

The pizza wheel is comfortable to hold and highly effective, cutting easily through both deep-pan and thin-crust pizzas. With a blade made from hardened high-grade stainless steel, it comes with a confident five-year guarantee.

Fixie pizza cutter, iridescent

Best novelty pizza cutter

  • Available from Red Candy, £22
Fixie iridescent pizza cutter

Pros: Great looks, ideal gift
Cons: Slightly uncomfortable to use

If you don’t want to hide your pizza cutter away in a drawer, this may be for you. Shaped like a bicycle – but not like any bicycle we’ve ever seen – this even comes complete with its own stand so you can put it on display on a shelf when you’re not using it. This has ‘great gift for pizza-loving cyclist’ written all over it.

Besides its quirky looks, we found that it cut effectively, though it did need a bit of elbow grease, especially on a thin crust. It also isn’t the most comfortable to hold, which is the price you pay for the aesthetics.

  • Available from Red Candy, £22

Oxo Good Grips 10cm pizza wheel for non-stick pans

Most versatile pizza cutter

OXO 4-in Non-Stick Pizza Wheel

Pros: Dishwasher-safe, won’t mark pans
Cons: Relatively heavy

Pizza wheels are designed to be sharp enough to cut through all that dough, cheese and topping. But a sharp blade can damage non-stick baking trays which you may be using to cook your pizza.

Oxo Good Grips has come up with a solution: their wheel has a plastic blade that is designed not to damage your pans and trays or mark your pizza stone. It takes a little getting used to – you’ll almost certainly try at least once to remove what looks like a plastic covering – but it’s a great idea. The blade is also less sharp than others, which means it’s ideal for kids to use. And it still cut well through the pizza, zipping first time through the salami on our deep-pan.

The pizza cutter also has a chunky, comfortable handle and the added bonus of being dishwasher-safe.

DeliVita pizza cutter

Best pizza cutter for making an impression

Delevita pizza cutter

Pros: Show-stopper
Cons: Very big, definitely not child-friendly

Our review of the Delivita pizza oven noted it's bold look, and the Delivita pizza cutter continues this theme. If you’re having a pizza party, you might want something that will help you cut the pizza with a flourish – and this will certainly be perfect for anyone wanting to show off a bit. The cutter is handmade and a bit of a work of art.

It looks a bit like a two-handled axe, or a mezzaluna and it’s massive. You’ll be able to cut a pizza in half pretty instantly. Unsurprisingly, it cut effectively through anything we threw at it.

The cutter is made from stainless steel and the handles, from wood. You need to clean it with a damp cloth and it isn’t dishwasher-proof (even if you could fit it in a dishwasher). It comes with a (very necessary) blade protector and its own little bag to store it safely.

You’ll need to keep this out of the way of young children and the price means this one is strictly for pizza aficionados.

Big Green Egg, The Ultimate Pizza Cutter

Best pizza cutter for parents

Big Green Egg pizza wheel

Pros: Efficient and safe, dishwasher-proof
Cons: Slightly tricky to remove blade for cleaning

This wheel-shaped pizza cutter is comfy to hold, with a rubber-feel strip at the base, which also helps with the grip. What we liked best was the integrated blade guard – you can just flick it on or off to cover and uncover the blade. It means you can quickly pull the cover on and put it on the table with no fear of little hands reaching out and cutting themselves.

The whole stainless steel blade can be removed for cleaning and you can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. It is an effective cutter and a nice size to slip in a cutlery drawer, or a bag if taking it out for al fresco dining.

Judge pizza rotella

Best budget-buy pizza cutter

Judge pizza cutters

Pros: Good value, dishwasher-safe
Cons: No blade guard

This comes in three colours – red, white and green, which, fittingly, are the colours of the Italian flag. It’s a light and cheerful cutter with a smaller than average wheel, making storage easy. The ridges in the handle make it easy to grip and it cut very well, especially through deep-pan pizza, however, we did find it needed to be wheeled “out and back” of the thin crust.

Its size means it can be used easily by those with smaller hands. One big advantage is that this goes in the dishwasher. Although the blade can’t be removed, it is still easy enough to hand-wash, too.

KitchenAid pizza wheel

Most stylish pizza cutter

KitchenAid pizza cutter

Pros: Sleek and solid
Cons: Not the cheapest

This cream-coloured model from KitchenAid is eye-catching and would be easy to spot in the kitchen drawer. The brand logo is prominent on the handle, which you may like or dislike.

The ergonomic handle of this is notably comfortable to hold, and there is also a very solid finger-guard. Neither too light or too heavy, it feels very well made, sturdy and robust – there’s no wobble on this one.

As well as looking good, the cutter performed very efficiently, with the stainless steel blade slicing through the pizza first-time. An added bonus is that the pizza cutter is dishwasher-safe.

How we tested pizza cutters

We tested samples from a number of brands and put them through their paces on both thin crust and deep-pan pizza.

Our samples were tested on both salami-laden pizzas and heavy-on-the-cheese vegetarian versions.

We looked for pizza cutters that cut effortlessly and effectively and were comfortable to hold. Cutters that were good value for money and cleaned easily scored extra points. We also looked for bonuses, including blade guards and clever storage or safety features.

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