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Quest rotating waffle maker

Quest rotating waffle maker review

Published: January 26, 2021 at 2:42 pm
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Looking for a budget-friendly way to make homemade waffles? This rotating machine by Quest comes in at under £30. Read our expert review to see how we rate it.


  • Takes up little space, temperature control, ready light


  • Handle is initially awkward

Quest rotating waffle maker summary

Many waffle makers resemble sandwich toasters, but you won’t grab the wrong item from your cupboard with this one.


Its design is a real talking point. The main part is attached to a stand, raising it well off the surface. During cooking, you use the handle to rotate it 180 degrees – so, you turn it upside down – to get an even bake on both sides. The handle also opens the pan.

Available from:
Amazon (£24.99)
TJ Hughes (£24.99)

First impressions

Instructions are clear, including directions about how much mixture to use (just cover the peak area of the grid, and use a spatula to spread the batter if necessary). Quest also warns against opening the pan too early. However, it doesn’t explain when to rotate it, and there are no recipes, which is a shame.

We like the small details on this machine, such as the indicator lights on both sides, so if it is upside-down, you can easily see if the machine is ready to use. Red and green lights are clearly marked 'power' and 'ready' for the avoidance of any doubt. The drip plate, which easily removes for washing, is a real bonus if you tend to overfill your machine. The cord is also a decent length.

This is also one of the few machines that lets you know when the waffle is ready – this is indicated when the green light goes on during the cooking cycle. The green light also comes on when heating is complete.

Most of all, we like the temperature control, as this is one of few waffle makers to come with this feature.

Quest rotating waffle maker on a kitchen counter

Cooking results

Our first batch is too lightly cooked for our liking, but after turning the temperature control dial up to almost maximum, we are rewarded with lovely, deep brown waffles. They are nice and thick, with a soft inside and crispy outside.

This makes four pizza-slice-shaped waffles, but they’re not huge – it’s effectively one large round waffle, cut into four. It's great for breakfast for a small group.

How is the Quest rotating waffle maker to use?

We found the handle to be a bit stiff and tricky to turn initially, though this does improve once the machine had been used a few times. Heating is quick – the instructions indicate this takes about 5 minutes, but ours heats up in less than 3 minutes. Our waffles are also ready in around 3 minutes, and slide easily off the plates.

We do find the 'ready' light a bit confusing, as it's supposed to go off when you pour the batter in, but ours doesn’t until a minute or so into the cooking cycle. This doesn’t seem to be a problem though, and it comes on again at the right time to signal the waffles are cooked.

The handle folds down for easy storage, and cleaning is easy with a damp cloth.

Available from:
Amazon (£24.99)
TJ Hughes (£24.99)

Quest rotating waffle maker specifications:
Multifunctional: no
Removable plates: no
Size: 25 x 16 x 37cm
Weight: 1.8kg
Indicator lights: yes
Dishwasher safe parts: no
Wattage: 1000w

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