A robust roasting tin is essential for cooking Sunday roasts, midweek traybakes and more. As such, it’s important not to purchase this indispensable kitchen staple without doing some homework. Buy right and it should give you years of faultless use and still be easy to clean.


Most roasting tins come with lengthy guarantees to indicate their manufacturers’ faith in their longevity and we guarantee you won’t regret buying a quality pan.

To find the best, we tested a range of oven roasting tins, ranging from budget buys to those costing more than £150, and most performed adequately when cooking a set recipe of chicken thighs with garlic cloves, potatoes and onion rings.

We picked out the tins that helped make an even roast, crisping veg and adding a crunchy edge to spuds without burning on the sides or warping when we carried the food from oven to counter. Every tin in our final selection scored well for browning without sticking.

Most manufacturers prefer you to hand-wash roasting pans, always allowing them to cool before immersing in water to avoid metal buckling or cast iron cracking. Many of our selection can be placed in the dishwasher when you don’t have time to don washing-up gloves.

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Some of the pans we considered were not recommended to be used on direct heat – so no gravy making on the hob for those – but others could happily warm on induction and even be placed directly under grills or into the freezer once cooled.

For first time roasters, our easy roast dinner recipe collection will get you started, or check out our video guiding you through how to roast a chicken. A roasting tin is still handy for vegetarians: our roasted vegetable recipe collection has more than 30 recipes for inspiring veggie dinners. Square and deep roasting tins can also be used for baking and traybakes – choose from indulgent chocolate traybakes, such as big trays of fudgy brownies and blondies, or try retro old school traybakes.

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The best roasting tins at a glance

  • Best roasting tin for families: Circulon Non-Stick Family Roasting Oven Tray & Rack, £30
  • Best for keen entertainers: Zwilling Plus 41 cm 18/10 Stainless Steel Roaster, £159
  • Best value roasting tin: Salter Marblestone Non-Stick Roasting Pan, Carbon Steel, 36cm, £27.99
  • Best for midweek meals: Dexam Supreme 27 x 20cm Stainless Steel Deep Roaster, £30
  • Best sustainability credentials: Kuhn Rikon New Life Pro Roasting Tin with lid 2.8l, £69.95
  • Best for non-stick roasting: Scoville Neverstick Roaster, £25
  • Best for roast dinner lovers: Procook Elite Tri-Ply Roasting Tin, £79
  • Best classic roaster: Le Creuset Signature cast iron roaster, £215
  • Best investment roasting tin: Staub 3.5l roasting dish, £134
  • Best for Sunday roasts: Lakeland large roasting tin with pouring lip, £16.99
  • Best for long term quality: Samuel Groves Mermaid 12” hard anodised roaster with classic handles, £75
  • Best for multi roasting: ProCook Heavy Gauge enamel roasting tin set, £37
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Best roasting tins to buy 2024

Circulon Non-Stick Family Roasting Oven Tray & Rack

Circulon Non-Stick Family Roasting Oven Tray & Rack

Best for families


  • Roasting rack allows hot air to circulate
  • Easy to clean by hand


  • Grooves could harbour food debris
  • Non-stick may scratch over time

Star rating: 4.5 /5

Circulon’s non-stick family roasting oven tray & rack uses the same non-stick system as the rest of the Ultimum range, consisting of a triple layer of non-stick coating combined with a grooved interior to prevent food from sticking.

In testing, any traybake residue wiped away easily by hand (though the black surface doesn’t make it easy to spot residue, and we had to pay attention to the grooves to make sure nothing was left behind).

This is fortunate – while the roasting tin is dishwasher-safe, handwashing is recommended. What we liked most about the tin, besides the simple clean, was that it came with a rack: meaning that it could be handy for roasting fatty meats, such as duck, as well as elevating any food that has the potential to burn on the base. We felt it was good value for money.

Key specifications

Material: Non-stick coated carbon steel
Sizes available: 39.4cm x 30.7cm x 6.5cm
Dishwasher safe: Yes, but handwashing recommended
Guarantee: Limited lifetime

Zwilling Plus 41cm 18/10 Stainless Steel Roaster

Zwilling Stainless Steel Roaster

Best for keen entertainers


  • Grill insert for cooking fish
  • Scratch-resistant, high-gloss surface
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Star rating: 4.5 /5

Zwilling’s Plus 41cm 18/10 stainless steel roaster is an investment buy, squarely aimed at those who enjoy cooking for themselves and others. Indeed, the claims that you can fit in large poultry, such as a goose, as well as use the lid for frying, speak to its multitasking cooking capabilities.

It’s a large and heavy tin (3.94kg) with a capacity of 8.5 litres, which should be enough to satisfy any keen entertainer. In testing, it performed brilliantly – food roasted well and was removed with ease, and it was simple to wash afterwards – debris just slid off.

The only downside we found is that, even with two generous handles, its size and weight meant we found it awkward to get in and out of the oven. Filled with food, we imagine this could be more of a challenge.

Key specifications

Material: 18/10 stainless steel construction with aluminium core and magnetic chromium steel base exterior
Sizes available: 40.8cm x 25cm x 13cm
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Guarantee: Lifetime

Salter Marblestone Non-Stick Roasting Pan, Carbon Steel, 36 cm

Salter Marblestone Non-Stick Roasting Pan, Carbon Steel

Best good value roasting tin


  • Slim
  • Non-stick coated


  • Not suitable for metal utensils
  • Handwash only

Star rating: 4.5 /5

Huge roasting tins can hog space in the oven, but Salter’s slim Marblestone non-stick roasting pan allows you to cook other food at the same time.

It’s still big enough to be practical, with high sides and a brilliant non-stick coating that, in testing, made removing food and cleaning it afterwards effortless. The speckled grey finish makes it easy to spot any debris, too. It’s affordable for the size compared with many we tested, and we liked that it came only packaged with a card label.

However, you won’t be able to use metal utensils on its non-stick surface. The maximum temperature it can withstand is only 220C, and it’s not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Key specifications

Material: Non-stick coated carbon steel
Sizes available: 36 x 24 x 5.5cm
Dishwasher safe: No
Guarantee: 10 years

Dexam Supreme 27 x 20cm Stainless Steel Deep Roaster

Dexam Supreme roasting tin

Best for midweek meals


  • Textured surface to reduce food sticking
  • Compatible cooling rack available


  • Compact size
  • Small handles

Star rating: 4.5 /5

While you could fit a medium-sized chicken in Dexam’s Supreme 27 x 20cm stainless steel deep roaster, it’s relatively compact compared to the others we tested. It works well for midweek traybakes in smaller households.

It has tall sides and a textured surface inside. This is designed to stop food adhering, although in testing, a few chunks of potato did stick to it. These came off with a quick hand-wash however, and none of the chicken pieces stuck.

It has a shallow lip round the top, which was useful for getting it in and out of the oven as we found its twin handles fairly useless. Not only are the handles small, they’re loose rings rather than being static, making them tricky to grasp while wearing gauntlets.

Key specifications

Material: 18/10 stainless steel
Sizes available: 26.8 x 20 x 5.2cm, plus 30 x 22cm, 35 x 26cm, 40 x 28cm
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Guarantee: 10 years

Available from Dexam (£30)

Kuhn Rikon New Life Pro Roasting Tin with lid 2.8l

Kuhn Rikon New Life Pro Roasting Tin with lid 2.8lpng

Best for sustainability


  • Vacuum lid for storage
  • Freezer-safe
  • Eco-friendly
  • 3-layer ceramic non-stick coating


  • Lid not leakproof
  • Can't use metal utensils

Star rating: 4.5 /5

The Kuhn Rikon New Life Pro Roasting Tin is a good sustainable option. It’s made from recycled aluminium from Europe, and its makers claim that it’s produced with up to 95% less energy than conventional aluminium ovenware.

The different alloys of aluminium also make it stronger, and it has a lid so you can cut back on cling film use. In tests, the non-stick aspect performed well – food released easily and clean-up by hand was quick. We liked the ease of getting it out of the oven and how light it was, and felt that its versatility made it ideal for a busy kitchen.

However, the price in relation to its size and potential lifespan (it only has a five-year guarantee) made it poor value compared to the others we tested.

Key specifications

Material: Polypropylene lid and aluminium tin
Sizes available: 6 x 20 x 32cm, plus two others – small 1.1 litre and large 4.7 litre
Dishwasher-safe: Dishwasher-safe, but cleaning by hand is recommended
Guarantee: 5 years

Scoville Neverstick Roaster

Scoville Neverstick Roaster

Best for non-stick roasting


  • Flake and peel free, PFOA-free non stick
  • Effortless to clean


  • Heavy for the size
  • Can only withstand up to 230C

Star rating: 4.5 /5

If you hate cleaning up after a roast, Scoville’s Neverstick Roaster could just be your perfect pan. The non-stick coating was by far one of the easiest to clean during testing, and it should go the distance, with its makers claiming that it’s five times as durable as other roasting tins.

The coating can withstand slightly higher temperatures than some non-stick pans we tested, though it’s still a maximum of 230C. It has a lifetime guarantee and it's affordable too, making this a great-value buy.

We liked its wide handles for getting it in and out of the oven, but there were a couple of downsides. One is its weight: when empty it’s 1.158kg, so filling it with food can make it heavy, and the other is that our traybake sauce burnt a little, suggesting that it might be prone to hotspots.

Key specifications

Material: Non-stick aluminium
Sizes available: L32, W25, D5.3cm
Dishwasher-safe: Yes
Guarantee: Lifetime

Procook Elite Tri-Ply Roasting Tin

Procook Elite Tri-Ply Roasting Tin

Best for roast dinner lovers


  • Raised rivetless handles
  • Triple layer construction for heat distribution
  • Can also use for bain-marie cooking


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Star rating: 4 /5

Combining a large capacity with high sides and vertical handles for easy lifting, Procook’s Elite Tri-Ply Roasting Tin is one for those who see Sunday as roast day. While it’s more of an investment than some, it’s easy to see why: robust rivetless handles and a sturdy feel give the idea that it could handle anything from the Christmas turkey to a traybake to feed a large family.

You can use it on the hob, so it’s great for making gravy, and there’s a 25-year guarantee too. We found it was easy to get in and out of the oven – its handles are comfy to hold – and our traybake cooked evenly. Clean-up did require a bit more effort than some though – we had to soak and scrub it to remove burnt bits, and the fact that it’s stainless steel and large makes it heavy when empty (1.884kg).

Key specifications

Material: 18/10 stainless steel, aluminium core
Sizes available: 35.5 x 7.5 x 26cm
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Guarantee: 25 years

ProCook Heavy Gauge enamel roasting tin set


Best for multi roasting


  • Trio of tins
  • Easy stacking for storage
  • 25-year guarantee


  • None

We liked the practicality of this set of three tins from ProCook, all of them fitting snugly into the other for perfect cupboard storage. It was the dream team for a family roast – the largest tray for a rib of beef, medium for roast potatoes and honey-glazed roast carrots sizzling nicely in the smallest.

These tins were easy to pull from the oven, with deep recesses under the rims that were generous enough for oven-gloved hands to grip. The heavy-gauge enamel meant there was no denting in our drop test, and no buckling when transporting trays from oven to counter.

The finished dishes scored highly too, with our chicken traybake cooked to perfection in the medium pan. Potatoes crisped nicely and the thighs were evenly roasted. There’s a very generous ProCook guarantee of 25 years on these tins, so this is a great buy if you want no-frills, functional roasters.

Sizes: 27 x 20 x 5cm, 36 x 26 x 5.5cm and 40 x 35.5 x 5cm
Maximum temperature: 260C
Dishwasher friendly: Yes
Hob friendly: Yes
Guarantee: 25 years

Available from:
ProCook (£39)

Le Creuset Signature cast iron roaster


Best classic roaster


  • Selection of colours
  • Good heat retention for keeping food warm at the table
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavy

A colourful oven-to-table dish, this cast-iron roaster is a kitchen classic. But does it still rank amongst the best ways to crisp, roast and bake?

Short answer – yes – the form and function combo of these dishes is hard to beat. In a choice of standard and modern colours, they look great on the table, and available in a range of sizes too.

You’ll undoubtedly curse the weight of them at some point (even a 33cm roaster comes in at nearly 4kg), but it’s the heft that gives them an even bake and the ability to retain heat at the table, making them the perfect choice for traybakes.

Cast iron with enamelled coating, the pans can be used on all types of hob and come with a lifetime warranty.

Size: 29, 33 or 27cm
Maximum temperature: 250C
Dishwasher friendly: yes
Hob friendly: Yes, induction included
Guarantee: Lifetime

Staub 3.5l roasting dish


Best investment roasting tin


  • Keeps dishes hot at the table
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavy
  • Hefty investment

Staub pans are made of cast iron that has been poured into a sand mould – hence the slightly rough feeling of the interior surface. Although this pan is not a non-stick roaster, we found that chicken, garlic and potatoes crisped nicely to its enamelled interior, with great heat distribution and no hotspots.

This one of the heaviest we chose for our final selection (although still a kilo lighter than the Le Creuset cast iron). This one scores extra for keeping dishes hot for far longer than thinner, metal tins, so it’s ideal for moussaka, lasagne or oven-to-table dishes.

That goes for chilled dishes too, of course. There’s a lifetime guarantee from Staub if it’s properly looked after. Never heat the pan dry (without oil) in the oven and never pour cold water directly onto it when hot as that could cause damage. Hefty pan, hefty investment, but this one is going to be in use for ages.

Size: 38 x 20 x 7cm
Maximum heat: 260C
Dishwasher friendly: Yes
Hob friendly: Yes, induction included
Guarantee: Lifetime

Lakeland large roasting tin with pouring lip


Best for Sunday roasts


  • Practical depth for layered roasting
  • Integrated pouring spout


  • Not hob friendly

For a budget tin, this one has good features – a generous capacity, easy-to-clean and a non-stick surface.

The raised bumps on the bottom of this roaster make heat circulation more efficient, and ‘roughed up’ roast potatoes as we tossed them around in hot oil, helping to give them a crunchy finish.

With deep edges, this would be a good choice if you decide to roast meat on a bed of potatoes or other veg, though it’s not hob-friendly, so you need to transfer to another pan to make sauce or gravy.

That's easy, though, thanks to the wide lip in one corner, which made pouring juices into a saucepan easy. Great quality for the money.

Size: 42 x 27.5 x 8.5cm (including handles)
Maximum heat: 240C
Dishwasher friendly: Yes
Hob friendly: No
Guarantee: 3 years

Samuel Groves Mermaid 12” hard anodised roaster with classic handles


Best for long-term quality


  • Safe for use with metal utensils
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not suitable for dishwasher
  • Quite tall in the oven

From a classic range of British bakeware favoured by chefs and professionals, this Samuel Groves Mermaid roaster will become a staple in your kitchen.

It’s made of tough stuff, with the hardened aluminium outer coating more rugged than stainless steel, and it’s fine to use metal utensils as they won’t score or scratch.

When you first use this tin, give it a wash and then apply a fine coating of oil with some kitchen paper before baking for ten minutes at high heat.

Seasoning bakeware this way will improve its non-stick qualities and make a quality pan like this improve as it ages. Your roast potatoes will be a dream for years to come! For that reason, this is not one for the dishwasher, but the extra effort is well worth it.

The high, wide handles on this roaster meant it was another that demanded space in the oven – we removed the higher shelf to accommodate it. There was room for a leg of lamb and potatoes for four, however, and our one-tray roast was easy to remove from the oven for basting.

Size: 32 x 22 x 7cm / 11.5cm inc handles
Maximum temperature: 240C
Dishwasher friendly: No
Hob friendly: Yes
Guarantee: Lifetime

Other roasting tins we've tested and rate

  • Best for versatile cooking: Le Creuset non-stick toughened rectangular roaster, £159
  • Best roasting tin for crisping: Nordic Ware oven crisp baking tray, £38

How to clean a roasting tin

Roasting tins are prone to becoming caked in baked-on grease, so a thorough clean after every use is a must. Your first stop is a soak: fill it with boiling water, add some washing up liquid and leave for an hour to soften the debris before giving it a scrub: a non-scratch sponge is best for pans with non-stick coating.

You can speed this process up by filling and popping it back in the oven on a low heat for up to 30 minutes before washing. If burnt-on bits remain, sprinkle over bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar in equal amounts, followed by hot water. Soak for half an hour. If the tin doesn’t have a non-stick coating, you can use a scourer with some salt added (as an extra abrasive) to help shift stubborn mess.

If you don’t have bicarb and vinegar to hand, try substituting a dishwasher tablet or even biological laundry detergent. Add them to the roasting tin, fill with water, pop on the hob, simmer for 10 minutes or so, then any debris should be easily wiped away.

How we tested roasting tins

We tested using an all-in-one roast combination of chicken thighs, potatoes, garlic (the high sugar content of which makes the unpeeled cloves prone to sticking), lemon wedges and herbs. We looked for an even finish and crispy skin. We judged each roasting tin on several criteria:

Non-stick ability: Our most important criteria – whether the tin stood up to is non-stick claims.
Handle: Handles or a lip can make moving the tin in and out of the oven easier, but handles that are too high use up valuable oven space. We discounted handles that were either too small, too high or seemingly pointless.
Flameproof: Ideally the tin could be used over a gas flame to reduce juices to a gravy or sauce.
Maximum temperature: The tin needs to be able to handle high heats over and over again, otherwise it’ll buckle and render itself useless.
Durability: As ever, we subjected tins to the Good Food 'drop test' to mimic the effects of long-term kitchen wear and tear. Anything that dented didn’t cut the mustard.


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