Roasted turkey

Your Christmas time plan

Keep calm when the pressure's on with our printable Christmas time plan. Fill it in, stick it on the fridge and Christmas dinner will be a breeze...

The hordes have arrived and the fridge is ready to erupt but pulling together the perfect menu on time, and without breaking a sweat, is easier said than done. With food and guests vying for attention, your time plan is your secret weapon.


Christmas recipe inspiration

Start by printing out your recipes and work out what you can prepare before Christmas Day. The final push should be all about cooking or reheating, not peeling and chopping. Check out our Christmas dinner recipe collection to pick your perfect menu, complete with centrepiece, sides and sauces. Time everything to perfection using our roast timer calculator and get top turkey every time.

Need a ready-planned day of deliciousness? Pick from our complete Christmas menus, whether you need a vegetarian menu, a last-minute dinner you can whip up in a flash or a healthy Christmas menu.

Printable Christmas time plan

Click on the link below to access a printable version of our Christmas meal time plan, work out what time you’d like to eat and then fill in the gaps. Christmas has never been so easy!


Christmas time plan