Christmas is a whirlwind of present-buying, food-ordering, card-writing, gift-wrapping and party-going – and it's nigh-on impossible to remember every last detail.


To help you out (and us too) we've drawn up a list of items that are easy to forget but will make things a little bit simpler come Christmas Day...

Turkey in foil with slices of bacon being laid across

10 essential storecupboard buys for Christmas Day

These take-it-for-granted products are worth having on hand:

1. Extra wide foil – for keeping the big bird covered when you need to
2. Butcher's string – every trusser's essential
3. Baking parchment – perfect for lining trays for sausage rolls, mince pies and all those other irresistible nibbles
4. Cling film – for covering sides etc
5. Plastic containers – you can never have too many, great for storing and stacking pre-prepped foods and leftovers
6. Freezer bags of all sizes – waste not, want not
7. Sticky food labels – date it and name it, because it's hard to work out what that frozen mass is
8. Toothpicks – to spear your party nibbles
9. Disposable foil trays – the ideal stand-in if you don't have enough metal roasting trays
10. Kitchen roll – make it festive!

Selection of cheeses served on a wooden paddle

Top 10 ingredients for your Christmas shopping list

Glamorous ingredients? Maybe not, but we'll be grateful we added them to the list when the feeding frenzy begins

1. Eggs – breakfasts and Boxing Day bubble and squeak taken care of
2. Icing sugar – a sprinkle gives a festive frosting to any dessert
3. Cheese and biscuits – the perfect snack when you're too full for a full-blown meal
4. Chutney – for all the leftover cold meats
5. Vanilla ice cream – allow to melt slightly and mix with leftover Christmas pudding for an easy dessert
6. Frozen peas – rustle up a pea and ham soup with leftover ham stock and gammon
7. Mayonnaise – a potato salad or coleslaw make easy Boxing Day sides
8. Puff pastry – impromptu guests? Scatter ready-rolled with leftover cheese, slice and cook for simple cheese straws
9. Sauces – not just cranberry and bread, top up your tomato and brown for festive brunches
10. Butter and self-raising flour – you've got the eggs, have these two to hand and you can always whip up a quick cake for guests

Roast turkey served on a platter with bay leaves

5 gadgets for making Christmas dinner

Yes, we can manage without, but life is simpler with them...

1. Meat thermometer – the best way to ensure you don't overcook and dry out your meat
2. Gravy separator jug – a simple concept, this jug separates the delicious meat juices from the fat
3. An electric carving knife – great for those who hate to carve, otherwise a super sharp carving knife is spot on. Get a big fork too to steady the bird
4. Food warmer – sadly hostess trolleys are no longer a high-fashion kitchen favourite but you can get a small heated tray for keeping all the side dishes warm
5. Plate warmer – perhaps a luxury too far but ideal for keeping you and your guests' meals warm while you wait for granny to pass the carrots


So you've taken a look in our shopping basket – now, we'd like to know what's in yours. Turkey aside, which must-haves will you be stocking up on for the festive period?

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