Moving on from weaning and need some wholesome, simple meals for your toddler? Look no further. These well-balanced recipes are full of fabulous flavour combinations your child will love and are as uncomplicated as possible. Check out our family and kids hub for more child-friendly recipe inspiration, plus read our review of the best high chairs for toddlers.


Mini shepherd's pies


A family classic with creamy mash, lamb and veggies that'll be wolfed down in a flash. These mini pies are freezable, too, so handy for getting ahead on midweek meals. Packed with celery, carrots, courgette and peppers, they're great for packing in the veggies.

Cauliflower cheese cakes

Cauliflower cheese cakes in a lunchbox

Suitable for lunch or dinner, these crispy cauliflower cheese patties are easy to hold, so ideal for baby-led weaning. Why not whip up a batch and freeze some for a busy weeknight supper? With just a handful of ingredients, they couldn't be easier to make.

Sweetcorn and spinach fritters


Everyone loves a fritter, all the better if it's healthy and plated up in under 20 minutes. These simple sweetcorn and spinach fritters are full of vitamin C and protein from the egg. Make a batch ahead of time and freeze for future fuss-free meals.

Mini egg & veg muffins


Mini muffins are the answer to your lunchtime stresses. Packed with courgette, carrots, peas and a sprinkling of crumbly feta, these super easy bakes also make great snacks. Freeze a week's worth of muffins and never have a hunger-related tantrum again.

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Chicken cashew satay on lolly sticks


Does chicken satay sound too advanced? Our 15 minute version with a mild and smooth cashew nut butter sauce is sure to go down a treat. These fun satay sticks make a great weekend supper.

Homemade pizza with veggie faces


Ever seen a pizza with the perfect pout? You have now! Our homemade pizza is great for keeping little hands busy and little bellies full. Have fun with your own veg creations and pack in four of their five-a-day at the same time.

Mild split pea & spinach dhal


Introduce your little ones to a mild range of curry spices in this healthy, veggie split pea and spinach dhal. This freezable bowlful of goodness is something the whole family will want to try. Serve with a dollop of cooling yogurt, brown rice and toasted pitta bread.

Salmon fish fingers with chunky chips


Another family classic, reworked for little ones. These salmon fish fingers are rich in omega-3 and our chunky oven chips are so easy to make, you'll be whipping up batch after batch.

Salmon and sweet potato muffins


Get your toddler munching on fish with these filling sweet potato and salmon muffins. They're easy for little hands to hold, so another great option for baby-led weaning. These gluten free, freezable snacks only take 5 minutes to prepare.

Microwave courgette and pea risotto with prawns


If you're looking for a hearty main meal that's healthy and microwaveable to boot, try our courgette and pea risotto. This family-friendly supper features prawns, but you could swap for chicken if you need to.

Batch-cook mini pork & veg balls


It doesn't get more versatile than meatballs, and these pork & veg balls are healthy and toddler-friendly. With tomato sauce and pasta, these make a filling main meal for busy nights.

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