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BBC Good Food podcast – Rookie & Nice

Miriam & Nadiya join forces to bring a light-hearted look into your favourite recipes, introduce you to your next food heroes and answer your questions along the way.

Let us introduce you to the voices behind our BBC Good Food Rookie & Nice podcast.


Nadiya is our Rookie Chef. Unlike most of her colleagues, she is right at the start of her cooking journey. Her day-to-day job is replying to your feedback and talking to you on our social media channels.

Miriam has worked in food for many years, including the last six years at BBC Good Food. You may recognise her from our other podcasts– she hosted  Favourite Recipes, Essential Recipes and our Christmas special.

In this series, Miriam and Nadiya join forces to deep dive into a recipe with an expert guest, as well as answering your cookery questions. While Nadiya learns how to perfect a new dish, each week Miriam will be finding out how and when it is served… and who to!

Join them as they learn about some of our favourite dishes, expert cookery tips and who is invited to their fantasy dinner parties! Then, get the recipe via a bonus cook-along recipe podcast.

Coming up

We’ll be kicking off the season with how to make Butter chicken, as 14,000 of you are searching for it each month. We asked chef, food stylist and cookery school owner Nikita Gulhane for his recipe and top tips. We’ll also be speaking to Craig & Shaun McAnuff from Original Flava about Jamaican’s national dish – ackee & saltfish. Look out for our episodes where we search for the best tips for you on popular dishes like borsch, brisket, paratha and much, much more. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, Acast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.


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Episode 1- Butter chicken with Nikita Gulhane
Episode 2- Ackee & saltfish with Craig & Shaun McAnuff
Episode 3- Borsch with Olia Hercules
Episode 4 – Smoked brisket with David Carter
Episode 5- Sweet & sour chicken with Kwoklyn Wan
Episode 6- Paratha with Vivek Singh
Episode 7- Vegan burgers with Bettina Campolucci Bordi