Fancy folding yourself one of these pocket-sized pups? Here’s a clear and simple set of instructions showing you how. These cute little origami dogs are simple enough for kids to make, and much easier to train than the real thing!


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Top tip: be sure to press firmly on each crease when you fold.

How to make an origami dog

Makes 1 origami dog
Prep 10 mins

You will need

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  • A square of coloured paper
  • Black pen


Step one

Step one origami dog

Fold the square of paper in half diagonally, unfold and then fold in half diagonally in the other direction and unfold. Then, fold all the points inwards to meet in the centre to make a smaller square.

Step two

Step two origami dog

Open out one of the points and then fold so that the point meets the previous crease. Fold back along the crease to make square again.

Step three

Step three origami dog

Open out the opposite point and then fold back on itself so that the point extends beyond the square by approximately 1.5cm. Fold in half as shown.

Step four

Step four origami dog

Open out the front flap so the point is extended, then fold diagonally as shown in the centre picture above. Then fold the point down along the crease line.

Step five

Step five origami dogs

Repeat step four on the opposite side, mirroring the actions. Invert the fold on the front of the dog’s head to extend the snout. Draw on a nose and pair of eyes to finish.

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