This mindful make is the perfect activity to occupy children on a rainy afternoon, but grown-ups can have plenty of fun making them, too. They're a quick and easy project – you’ll soon have a whole kaleidoscope of beautiful butterflies to adorn your home. Use them to decorate a bedroom wall, hang them with some thread to make a pretty mobile, or decorate your windows with a rainbow of them to show your support for the NHS.


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How to make an origami butterfly

Top tip be sure to press firmly on each crease when you fold.

Makes 1 origami butterfly
Prep 15 mins

You will need
A square of coloured paper

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Step one

Step one origami butterfly

Fold the paper in half horizontally and unfold. Fold in half vertically and unfold.

Step two

Step two origami butterfly

Turn the paper over, then fold diagonally both ways and unfold.

Step three

Step three origami butterfly

Bring the sides to the centre, so they meet each other (this is called a squash fold). Then, flatten to make a triangle.

Step four

Step four origami butterfly

Fold the upper layer corners of the triangle up to the top point of your triangle.

Step five

Step five origami butterfly

Turn the whole thing over, then fold the point upwards so that the tip peeks beyond the top by about 5mm (as shown). Fold the tip back over the top to hold the layers together and turn over.

Step six

Step six origami butterfly

Finally, fold in half along the centre line bringing both sides together to add volume to the wings.


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