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Best trifle bowls


Whether you're looking for a statement piece for the dining table or a gift, we've rounded up the best trifle bowls to choose from

Trifle bowls are incredibly versatile, and can also be used for other desserts like tiramisu, layered fruit salads, or even dips at a buffet and to display fruit and baked goods. We’ve collated the best trifle bowls on the market in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional straight-edged, footed look, a retro style with scallops or a modern, sleek design, we’ve got you covered.


A glass trifle bowl is designed specifically to show off a centrepiece dessert. Trifles are full of colour, flavour and are fun to eat, classically with layers of cream, custard, fruit, jelly and sponge for a perfect balance of sweetness. Once you've tried the classic trifle, experiment with different flavours and textures: use Swiss roll, brownies or lemon drizzle cake for your sponge layer, add extra flavour to your custard or soak your sponge in different booze. Our collection of trifle recipes is full of great inspiration, and if it's a festive occasion, try our range of Christmas trifle recipes, or follow our guide on how to make the ultimate festive trifle with tips and tricks for your dessert for the big day.

For more kitchen inspiration, check out our guide on the 50 best gifts to buy for foodies, or our latest review on 10 of the best baking gifts 2021 for gifting loved ones or treating yourself to new foodie gadgets and kitchen tools.

Best trifle bowls at a glance

Best french-style trifle bowl: LSA International Serve dessert comport, £70
Best decorative trifle bowl: John Lewis & Partners decorative glass dessert comport, £20
Best contemporary trifle bowl: Simplicity trifle bowl by DRH Collection, £36.45
Best retro trifle bowl: Artland Pearl Ridge large glass-footed trifle bowl, £34.99
Best large trifle bowl: Ravenhead footed trifle bowl, £22.75
Best budget trifle bowl: Marks & Spencer trifle bowl, £19.50
Best high end trifle bowl: Fortuna trifle bowl, £75
Best trifle bowl with a wide base: Joules, £40
Best trifle bowl with lid: LSA Serve comport & lid, £40

LSA International Serve dessert comport, 31cm

Best french-style trifle bowl

31cm diameter trifle bowl with wide foot

A sophisticated take on a dessert bowl, this French compotier is made from high quality glass, with a wide but shallow body and a low stem. Used to serve a trifle, it would make an impressive centrepiece, or the shallow space also makes it great for a tiramisu or even as a salad bowl.

Available from:

John Lewis (£70)

John Lewis & Partners decorative glass dessert comport, 20cm

Best decorative trifle bowl

trifle bowl with crystal-like texture and a foot

This pressed comport is a great way of showcasing a homemade creation, with added decorative texture and a crystal-like design. This affordable model will add a sparkling touch to your dinner table or as a display feature for fruit.

Available from:

John Lewis (£20)

Simplicity trifle bowl by DRH Collection, 19.5cm

Best contemporary trifle bowl

Straight sided trifle bowl with a smaller foot

This mouth-blown glass bowl has a simple, contemporary look and feel with a straight-edged design and a large bowl holding approximately 4 litres. Try using it for a modern twist on a classic, such as this peach panna cotta trifle.

Available from:

Wayfair (£36.45)

Artland Pearl Ridge large glass-footed trifle bowl, 20cm

Best retro trifle bowl

Scalloped trifle bowl with wide foot

A timeless classic, this retro-style trifle bowl has scalloped edging and a round foot. Use it for our classic trifle or try our retro trifle loaded with sprinkles, clotted cream and custard cream biscuits.

Available from:

Lakeland (£29.99)

Ravenhead footed trifle bowl, 20cm

Best large trifle bowl

trifle bowl with straight fluted sides and a small foot

With a sleek and contemporary design, this trifle bowl is perfect for both special occasions and everyday use. It has a deep bowl and straight edging, giving the illusion of a fuller and multi-layered dessert. This tall bowl is perfect for piling high with lots of layers: try our rhubarb crumble trifle or apple & raspberry trifle to show off the colourful fruit.

Available from:

Amazon (£28)

Marks & Spencer trifle bowl, 20cm

Best budget trifle bowl

rounded and curved trifle bowl with large foot

This trifle bowl from M&S is the perfect balance of modern and retro design. It's affordable, and simply made, with a wide foot and a rounded base, giving it an elegant quality.

Available from:

Marks & Spencer (£19.50)

Fortuna trifle bowl, 23cm

Best high end trifle bowl

non-footed wide trifle bowl

We know crystal luxury when we see it! This is a highly impressive, yet simply elegant bowl. It is non-footed and very deep so perfect for a variety of desserts and uses. It could also be personalised through the Dartington service, making it an extra special gift for a loved one.

Available from:

Dartington crystal (£75)

Joules glass trifle bowl, 19cm

Best trifle bowl with a wide base

trifle bowl decorated with bees and with a large foot

Wow family and friends with this unique serving bowl. Decorated with bees and with a delicate beaded effect near the rim, a sturdy and wide foot, this bowl will make your desserts look extra special.

Available from:

Joules (£40)

LSA Serve comport & lid, 22cm

Best trifle bowl with lid

wide trifle bowl with clear lid

This mouth-blown glass dish has the classic flared look. The matching lid acts as a convenient cover for desserts while in the fridge.

Available from:

Black by Design (£40)


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