Bananas and pancakes are a match made in heaven. Instead of just topping your next stack with sliced banana, try mashing the fruit and using it in the batter itself. Banana works beautifully as an egg substitute in vegan pancakes, or as a go-to ingredient in quick three-minute blender pancakes. Pair it with coconut or pineapple for a totally tropical offering, or serve our favourite chocolate-stuffed recipe with caramelised banana coins if you’re in the mood to indulge.


Check out our most indulgent pancake recipes, top 10 vegan pancake recipes, the best healthy pancake recipes or more ways with ripe bananas.

1. Vegan banana pancakes

Stack of vegan banana pancakes topped with bananas and maple syrup

Fluffy, light and subtly sweet, you’d never guess that these top-rated vegan banana pancakes are made without dairy or eggs. The key is to use mashed bananas in the batter, and to swap milk for your favourite alternative – we think oat or almond milk works best.

2. Easy banana pancakes

Easy banana pancakes

Got a couple of spotty bananas going spare? Put them to good use in our easiest banana pancakes recipe, flavoured with mashed banana and vanilla. We like to serve them warm in stacks, with maple syrup and toasted pecans on top.

3. Coconut & banana pancakes

Coconut & banana pancakes

These tropical coconut & banana pancakes are so worth making a tiny bit of effort for. It calls for coconut milk instead of the regular kind, and involves carefully pushing banana slices into the pancakes as they cook. The result? A pancake with gorgeous, caramelised bananas inside.

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4. Three-minute blender pancakes

Three-minute blender pancakes

Running late? You can still have pancakes for breakfast with our clever three-minute blender pancakes recipe. You won’t even need to get the scales out – just add one banana, one egg, one tablespoon of flour and a little bicarb to a blender, then whizz it all up to make a batter.

5. Banana oat pancakes

Banana oat pancakes with berries

More than 50 shining reviews make this banana oat pancakes recipe a must-try. They’re that bit healthier because the batter is made from blitzed rolled oats and banana, and we suggest serving with fruit and low-fat yogurt to keep it light.

6. American-style pineapple & banana pancakes

American-style pineapple & banana pancakes

Our American-style pineapple & banana pancakes are impossibly fluffy. Cinnamon, sliced banana and pineapple (canned is fine) make for a delicious flavour – serve in stacks of two or three, with lashings of maple syrup and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

7. Banana pancakes with crispy bacon & syrup

Banana pancakes with crispy bacon & syrup

Add a salty, savoury hit to your breakfast with this banana pancakes with crispy bacon & syrup recipe. American-style buttery banana pancakes with slices of crisp smoked bacon and pools of maple syrup on top – it’s got lazy weekend brunch written all over it.

8. Banana pancakes with blueberry compote

Banana & cinnamon pancakes with blueberry compote

Wholemeal flour makes these delicious banana & cinnamon pancakes more filling, and we’ve left out the sugar to keep them low in calories. Instead, sweeten your stack of banana cinnamon pancakes with a warm blueberry compote, topped with mint leaves for zingy freshness.

9. Chocolate-filled pancakes with caramelised banana

Chocolate-filled pancakes with caramelised banana

You deserve a treat. And we think it should be these American-style chocolate-filled pancakes, with a hidden chocolate centre and a gorgeous, fluffy texture that soaks up lashings of maple syrup. Add chunky caramelised banana slices and toasted chopped hazelnuts for extra indulgence.


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