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BBC Good Food apps: Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about your BBC Good Food mobile app? Make sure you get the most from your application with our FAQ page, answering common queries.

I’ve updated my iPhone or iPad app to the latest version but I can’t find the cookbooks I paid for – where are they?

You can find all cookbooks within the My Good Food area of the app. In the latest version you will have access to all 10,000+ recipes available on, which means you can create and fill your own cookbooks and collections with your favourite dishes.


Why do I have to sign up to BBC Good Food to access the app?

Our new app gives you even easier access to the 10,000+ recipes on that you love. By signing up you’ll be able to save, sort, rate and access recipes offline using the app. Plus, your account will automatically sync to the site, so you can find your favourites faster and while on the go.

I’ve signed in to the new version of the Windows app but I can’t find the cookbooks I paid for – where are they?

This is the first version of our new app, where you will have access to all the recipes available on We will soon be releasing a new update, which will enable you to access your paid for cookbooks. If you have any questions in the meantime please e-mail us at

Will BBC Good Food be launching apps on any other devices?

We’re always looking to expand our digital content across lots of platforms, so please send your suggestions to


There’s an ingredient missing in a recipe – where is it?

Sometimes, when there is a long list of ingredients on a particular recipe, some of them get hidden. If you scroll up and down you should be able to find the missing ingredient. Please email if this isn’t the case.

Still not got the answer you were looking for? Email our app team on