• comes with lots of useful accessories, affordable model


  • loud, bulky takes up lots of space, struggled to juice kale

Nutribullet Juicer Pro 01558

This model is the older sibling of our previously tested Nutribullet Juicer 01515. It’s slightly pricier and comes with three settings instead of two, but otherwise, they look very similar.


This Nutribullet juicer is a centrifugal model. All the waste from the fruit and veg sits in a contained well within the juicer. It’s not the quietest in use, but it's fast, so any loud noise need only be endured for a few seconds.

How easy is the Nutribullet Juicer Pro 01558 to use?

Like the other Nutribullet model tested, this one comes ready assembled. But for ease, the manual explains the process too.

This isn’t the smallest model on the market; it's larger than a food processor and quite bulky overall. But it’s not too tall and could happily sit out on the kitchen counter if you have the space.

The controls and finish make this model look less plasticky than its younger sibling. But using this model is just as simple. There are three speed settings on this model: low, high and turbo, and the manual clearly explains which setting is best for which fruit or vegetable.

Taking this model apart for cleaning is simple too. You’ll need to give the strainer a confident tug to remove it from the base, but otherwise everything comes apart with ease. A useful cleaning brush is provided to clean away any fibres or for fuss-free clean up, all of the detachable parts can go in the dishwasher.

We loved the wealth of accessories included with this model. The juice jug that doubles as a travel cup is useful and convenient, as is the smaller travel bottle. We also thought the silicone ice cube tray was a great addition that’ll help you get the most out of your juice.


Our kale, apple, ginger and carrot juice came out super smooth. However there was a rather large layer of foam sat on top of the juice that we were disappointed to see.

The juice itself was the most orange of all the juices we made across different models, which told us that not a lot of the kale was juiced (as this would have made it a much more vibrant green). This was further confirmed when we checked the pulp and there were quite a few chunks of solid kale sitting in the mix.

There was also a thick-ish slice of apple sitting on top of the mesh, which suggested that even when the food pusher was depressed all of the way down, it didn’t quite reach far enough.

How sustainable is the Nutribullet Juicer Pro 01558?

The manual included with this model details how to recycle the juicer after use. It also directs the user to the Nutribullet website should they be in need of a spare part.

The accompanying recipe booklet features a couple of recipes that use the discard left after juicing, which we appreciated seeing. The packaging is recyclable.


If you’re looking for a juicer that’ll power through hard fruit and veg, this Nutribullet model is a brilliant, budget-friendly option. People looking to juice leafy greens should probably look elsewhere. It’s bulky, but has a self-contained design that keeps clean-up to a minimum.

Key specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD): 44.2 x 32.6 x 31cm
Weight: 3.4kg
Wattage: 1000 Watt
Materials: plastic, stainless steel
Type of juicer: centrifugal
Dishwasher-safe components: yes
Made in: China

Juice recipes

Cucumber, apple & spinach juice
Carrot, clementine & pineapple juice
Fennel, blueberry & apple juice
Celery juice
Honeydew melon, cucumber & lime juice

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