• 10-year warranty, nifty hook to hang lid whilst cooking, compact and portable, hinged grill, easy to use


  • Fiddly to assemble, exterior gets hot

Napoleon 22” charcoal kettle grill barbecue review summary

A simple, well-designed kettle-style barbecue, which features the characteristic lid that helps control the airflow and temperature, whilst reducing the possibility of flare ups.


Ideal for barbecue newbies or those who appreciate a hassle-free cooking experience. It’s also practical, as you can hang the lid off the side of the barbecue when you’re checking food, and it’s easy to move around thanks to its chunky wheels.

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First impressions of the Napoleon 22” charcoal kettle grill

This classic barbecue is a great little all-rounder, with plenty of well thought-out features, like a removable heavy steel ash catcher, an Accuprobe™ with helpful temperature zones, as well as options to grill, roast, bake and smoke. We particularly liked the hinged grids, so you can add charcoal or wood for smoking while you’re cooking. Neat and compact, it’s the ideal size for patios and small spaces, however, the exterior does get hot so make sure there’s enough room to move around it.

Napoleon 001

How easy is the Napoleon 22” charcoal kettle grill barbecue to assemble?

It’s a little fiddly, so it might be an idea to have an extra pair of hands to help. It comes with a screwdriver and spanner and there are two large manuals, with clear instructions and diagrams at the back.

How easy is the Napoleon 22” charcoal kettle grill barbecue to use?

Easy to use, it has a responsive temperature dial and features a large handle with a large vent that effectively adjusts the temperature. The hinged mechanism on either side of the grill means you can easily reload charcoal, or add wood if you’re smoking, while the built-in hook allows you to conveniently hang the lid on the side of the barbecue rather than placing it on the ground. The grill is also in a good position for average-height users.

Cooking results

It takes an entire 13kg bag of charcoal half an hour to heat up, but once it gets to temperature, it distributes heat evenly, thanks to a stainless-steel heat diffuser. With a cooking area measuring 57cm, there’s a useful indirect heat source on the outer perimeter, which means it’s ideal for slow-cooking food, or keeping it warm. Declared "a joy to use with great results" by our expert testers, the courgettes and potatoes cooked well with nicely defined grill lines, and thanks to being able to control the temperature, the kebabs were well cooked and the buns were nicely crisp and charred, but not burned.

How sustainable is the Napoleon 22” charcoal kettle grill barbecue?

Made of durable cast iron and enamelled steel, it also comes with a 10-year warranty, which means you can expect plenty of use out of this barbecue over a substantial period of time.


Despite being cheap and cheerful, this barbecue uses quality materials and doesn’t skimp on well-designed features. It’s a super option if you’re new to barbecuing, or you’re looking for a fuss-free al fresco cooking experience, which produces well-cooked, delicious food.

Available from:
Keen Gardener (£237.49)
BBQ World (£237.49)

Napoleon 22” charcoal kettle grill barbecue specifications

Brand: Napoleon
Model: 22” Kettle charcoal bbq
RRP: £249.99
Dimensions: 112cm H x 59cm W 70cm D
Materials: Lid and bowl made of porcelain enamelled steel, porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grill
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Fuel needed: Charcoal

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