• Blades remove for thorough cleaning, smells don’t linger in spice grinder


  • Glass jug is heavy, will operate without lid in place

Lakeland tabletop blender with grinder at a glance

The combination of a stainless-steel base and grinder, coupled with the thick glass jug makes this one sturdy blender.


And what it may be lacking in looks, it makes up for in function, working as a multipurpose blender and grinder, all for a great price.

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How easy is the Lakeland tabletop blender with grinder to use?

It takes a minute to figure out how to lock the jug or grinder onto the base and position the lids correctly, but after that, it’s all very intuitive. The buttons are illuminated with blue lights, but these don’t switch off unless you switch it off at the wall, which could be annoying if you plan on leaving it permanently plugged in.

Like all glass blender jugs, it’s heavy to lift, but on the plus side it can be placed on the base with the handle to either side to make for easier lifting no matter which is your dominant hand. Suction cups on the feet hold it to the counter, but there’s no safety feature to stop you switching it on without the lid in place.


The 60-second ice crush programme is slow, but it gets the job done and we like that the texture of the ice isn’t too fine and powdery, making it ideal for frozen margaritas.

At max speed it’s powerful enough to puree a tomato sauce in under 30 seconds. But the 60-second smoothie programme is noisy, and our results were hit and miss.

It was effective at pulverising raw beetroot, carrot, and kale, but we had to stop it four times to stir a yoghurt and frozen berry smoothie as it was only blending the stuff at the bottom of the jug.

Lakeland blender smoothie

For grinding spices, we favoured the pulse button so we could check the grind size regularly, but it only takes a few pulses to grind anything from cinnamon sticks to peppercorns.

Smells don’t linger in the stainless steel grinder, so you can switch from coffee to spices with just a thorough wash in between, plus it has a great capacity.

We managed to grind 200g coffee beans in one go, in just 30 seconds on low speed, but we did notice the grinds were a tad warm at the end, which isn’t ideal.

How sustainable is the Lakeland tabletop blender with grinder?

We were disappointed to find big chunks of polystyrene in the box. But in terms of sustainability, this is an appliance that’s built to last, and just in case it doesn’t there’s a three-year guarantee.

Lakeland tabletop blender with grinder summary

None of the parts are dishwasher-safe, but thankfully the main jug disassembles so you can clean it thoroughly. We think this robust blender and grinder represents great value for money.

Lakeland tabletop blender with grinder specifications

Warranty: 3 years
Blade material: Stainless steel
Speed settings: 16 speeds, pulse, smoothie, ice-crushing
Jug capacity: 1.5 litre
Wattage: 1200W
Product weight: 5.5kg
Additional attachments: Grinder

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