• 15-minute run time, generous capacity, drizzle holes, powerful blades, dishwasher safe, safe to use


  • charge takes a long time

Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro

More futuristic in appearance compared to its corded cousin the Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro, the Cordless Mini Prep Pro mini chopper comes with the same 0.9-litre capacity and powerful chopping abilities.


This model has two settings: chop and grind, and can be used for a whole host of chopping, mixing and puréeing tasks. Best of all, it's cordless, meaning there's no need to search for a plug socket.

How easy is the Cuisinart Cordless Mini Prep Pro to use?

It takes around two hours to fully charge this mini chopper. A full charge gives around 15 minutes of run time, which, considering a mini chopper isn't used in the same way as a food processor, is more than enough for a couple of uses. Three blue lights indicate how much charge remains.

The main bowl is easy to attach to the base unit and useful symbols help you to guide it into place. The lid is equally easy to fit.

The chop and grind buttons are simple and easy to operate, and responsive to touch, meaning you can easily control the speed of the blade with just a light pulse. We'd advise giving the manual a thorough read through to familiarise yourself with which setting is best for which ingredients. For mayonnaise and other emulsions, there's a dripper hole in the lid, so oils or water can be slowly dripped into the main bowl.

Clean up is a doddle, too. All of the attachments can be hand washed. Alternatively, they're all dishwasher safe for added ease. No residual smell remained after washing.


We tested this mini chopper out using day old bread to make breadcrumbs, chopped onion and parsley and made a classic Thai green curry paste.

Given the quality of Cuisinart's mini choppers and food processors, it was no surprise to us that the Cordless Mini Prep Pro excelled in all of our tests. Our onion was chopped into the fine and consistent texture we were looking for.

We were able to produce even and delicate breadcrumbs using the grind setting and it took just a few pulses to finely chop our parsley.

The woody and fibrous ingredients in our Thai green curry paste were broken down with absolute ease, which resulted in a smooth and evenly textured paste. We did need to scrape the bowl down once, but this wasn't an issue.


Powerful, efficient and easy to use, this Cuisinart chopper makes light work of a whole host of chopping tasks. The design is attractive should you want to keep it out on the kitchen counter, alternatively its compact size means it's easy to store in cupboards.

The cordless design is incredibly useful, making it an easy choice if socket space is at a premium. We also thought it'd be great to bring camping, too.


Components: lid, motor, blade, 0.9L bowl
Dimensions (cm): H: 24 x W: 18 x D: 12.5
Speed settings: chop and grind
Wattage: 10
Colours: silver

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