• two settings, can tackle coffee beans, nuts and more


  • can be tricky to lock into place

Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro summary

The Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro’s 900ml bowl capacity is bigger than most models we tested, making it a great contender for a large household, or for batch cooking or prepping in advance. Given all of its capabilities, the Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro really is a powerhouse and indispensable kitchen gadget if you’re a keen cook.


Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro first impressions

It comes with a dual blade – one blade is curved and sharp for chopping and mixing, the other is flatter and more blunt for tasks such as grinding.

To operate, just hold down one of the two control switches for the desired length of time. The ‘chop’ setting can be used for chopping, puréeing and mixing, while the ‘grind’ setting is useful for chopping harder foods.

When using the ‘chop’ setting, it’s best to pulse the ingredients. A couple of pulses is usually enough, while a continuous hold action (but no longer than 20 seconds at a time) is advised for the ‘grind’ setting – with little pulses in between for consistent results.

How is the Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro to use?

It produced very consistently diced onion, achieved through a series of pulses, and it took on parsley and salsa equally well. Breadcrumbs less so. Overall though, it chops and dices beautifully, and didn’t slip on the surface when we operated it.

Getting it set up and locked into place can take time. The bowl must be securely locked into position to operate, a handy safety mechanism that can be a tad fiddly to get the hang of. The handle must also be situated above the control panel and locked into place before it will operate.

The accompanying booklet comes with handy instructions for how to process all manner of ingredients, from anchovies and bacon to coffee beans and nuts. The device also comes with a spatula, which is useful for scraping ingredients off the side of the bowl between pulses, or for scooping ingredients out from the bowl.


With its ability to process harder ingredients such as nuts, coffee beans and cinnamon sticks, this model certainly feels more like a mini food processor than just a chopper.

Its advanced capabilities are certainly impressive, but may be lost on those looking for a straightforward model. Given its capabilities, it is surprisingly compact. Aesthetics-wise, it’s nice enough to want to keep out on the counter, but equally can be stowed away without taking up too much space.

Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro specifications
Components: 900ml capacity bowl and lid, dual blade, power base, spatula, booklet
Dimensions: 23 x 13.5 x 18.2 cm
Speed settings: ‘chop’ and ‘grind’ settings
Motor: 250W
Colours: silver, frosted pearl, vintage rose

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