• Space-efficient, selectable heat zones, temperature thermometer in the lid, quick to heat


  • Some cooler spots across the grill, slower to cook than gas or charcoal

Weber Lumin electric BBQ summary

A major perk of electric barbecues is the predictability of cooking as if you were using a stove. All you need is an extension lead or outdoor socket and a heatproof, covered space – no need to master lighting and stacking coals or worry about the expense of gas.


A market leader, Weber’s Lumin is a compact barbecue with a practical length wire that’s simple to build, heat and clean and offers the option to smoke, sear, steam or boil in addition to grilling. Two trays are included with the barbecue which contributes to the versatility.

First impressions of the Weber Lumin electric BBQ

A heating element runs below its two carbon grills and you can tailor the ferocity of the heat per zone depending on the ingredients you’re cooking; great for keeping cooked things warm while cooking on the other half.

These two grills are simple to lift off and clean and have the heft of proper iron grills – there’s nothing plasticky or flimsy about this electric barbecue. The cord is also a practical length and would work with an extension cord if you don't have an outdoor plug.

A handy grill scraper tool is also included in the box which proved useful for turning ingredients and prising off any stubborn bits which stuck to the bars.

How easy is the Weber Lumin electric BBQ to assemble?

Most elements were packed safely beneath the lid of the BBQ so unboxing was a simple case of removing the protective packaging from around each element, then replacing it back into place. The control dial was packed into a separate box and pushed easily into the slot on the right hand side of the BBQ.

It was a snug fit, so there's no risk of it being accidentally knocked or pulled out while cooking. A handy drip tray pulls out from the front and was the last thing to unwrap before we turned on the heat and left the grills to heat with the lid down before cooking.

How easy is the Weber Lumin electric BBQ to use?

You can set different parts of the grill to heat to different temperatures using the dial's handy diagrams. The integrated thermometer on the lid proved really useful for tracking pre-heating temperature before we placed ingredients on the grill, which also helps to stop things from sticking.

This models offers a max temp of 350-degrees C and was quick to heat, taking 15 minutes – you're free from having to faff around with coals or loading gas canisters so the process felt very easy. Heatproof handles were a good safety feature and the lid was very efficient at trapping heat within.

Although the exterior got hot, it wasn't dangerously hot but touching it is not recommended at all. There were no unexpected quirks in using this model, it's predictable and intuitive to control.

We were able to fit six halloumi kebabs diagonally across one side of the grill and a spatchcock chicken on the other – it's a practical size for feeding up to six people despite its compact size.

Cooking results

The longer time it took to cook our classic barbecue dishes when on max heat was notable; the kebabs needed a close eye, although this gentler cooking time meant raw chunks of courgette were nicely softened without the halloumi catching. We fit enough for four people.

The whole spatchcock chicken cooked in 30 minutes with a few turns and the lid on, again a bit slower than its gas-powered counterparts would take, but the texture and colour of the chicken was deliciously golden and soft without being dry.

How sustainable is the Weber Lumin electric BBQ?

When unboxing, we noticed that the majority of packing was cardboard except for a few plastic covers for the lid, so plus points to the brand for recyclable packaging.


This electric barbecue is a simple and effective model suitable for even the smallest outdoor space as long as it has good ventilation and weatherproof covering. We were still able to char an aubergine and sear steaks with those iconic grill lines without issue, making this an effective alternative to gas or charcoal models.

The only downside to it was the price – it's very expensive. However, if budget isn't an issue, this compact BBQ is a faff-free way to cook outdoors with minimal mess, and will slot easily into a shed or spare cupboard to protect it from the elements.

Weber Lumin electric BBQ specifications

Brand: Weber
Model: Lumin electric BBQ 92010974
RRP: £579
Dimensions: 29.8cmH x 64.8W x 47.6D (lid closed)
Materials: Porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grates
Warranty: two years
Fuel needed: electricity

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