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IKOHS MOI SLIM blender with portable cup


● Very easy to use
● Chic design


● Low maximum capacity
● Perhaps not powerful enough for some users

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Star rating: 4/5

Available from:
IKOHS (£29.95)
Amazon (£29.95)

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Relative to its lightweight design and reasonable price point, this stylish smoothie-maker performs very well. Its 400ml blending capacity may be too low for some, but the IKOHS MOI SLIM is nonetheless a great option for those who don't want to blend large amounts. There could scarcely be a simpler smoothie-maker as it consists of just a blade attachment, cup, power base and sports lid.

The appliance is activated by pressing the cup and blade attachment down into the base, which we found to be an especially practical mechanism for activation. Altogether, this is a simple appliance that does the basics with great efficiency. If you’re looking for fancy features, this isn’t the one for you.

IKOHS MOI SLIM smoothie maker being tested

The instruction manual packaged with the MOI SLIM reflects the simplicity of the appliance it describes, with just six pages of instructions. We found the guidance included helpful in getting the best out of the machine – for instance, the instructions not to include fruit or veg chunks larger than an inch-wide helped us avert a challenging blend.

In our view, the MOI SLIM is one of the best-looking smoothie-makers out there, with a chic, minimalistic profile and it’s available in a range of colours. It’s also rather lovely-sounding, with a deep tone and low volume that doesn’t feel obtrusive.

The footprint of the machine is the smallest we’ve encountered in our testing, and the relatively low number of accessories means the whole smoothie-maker can be stored on about 10cm of kitchen surface. Even the power cable can be partially wrapped around a recess at the foot of the base.

We were pretty impressed with the results produced by this wallet-friendly smoothie-maker. The smoothies were generally well blended, with no big lumps, even when we used it to blend harder pieces of apple and plum. The texture produced is a little pulpy, with bits like blackcurrant seeds likely to remain in the drink (although that’s not a problem for some). As such, we’d recommend the MOI SLIM only to those who like their smoothies to have a bit of bite to them.

One clear limitation of the MOI SLIM is the capacity of its mixing bottle. Maxing out at 400ml, it may prove a little on the small side, even for some users who just want to make a large smoothie for themselves. On the plus side, the cup seals well and showed no signs of leakage in our testing.

The MOI SLIM is very easy to keep clean, too. The one exception is its mixing bottle, which is a bit too narrow for reaching inside with a scourer.

Finally, it is packaged neatly in recyclable cardboard and plastic. However, the UK power adaptor, which you will need to attach to the European-style power cable that comes with the smoothie-maker, is packaged separately.

Available from:
IKOHS (£29.95)
Amazon (£29.95)

IKOHS MOI SLIM specifications:
Power: 230W
Blend capacity: 400ml
Blade type: 4-blade array
Weight: 1.28 kg

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