• A*** energy rating, overheat protection, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe jug


  • Tall on countertop, broad pouring spout

Homgeek 2L blender review summary

For just over £100, you get a lot of blender capacity for your money with the 2.1L Homgeek. The blades are powered by a 2000W motor, its jug is BPA-free, there are eight speed settings and four presets, and it manages this with an A*** energy rating. This is a great roster of credentials.


The main body is incredibly lightweight, held steady by non-slip feet but aided by notches for lifting it to and from a cupboard. It wouldn't look out of place if left out on a countertop.

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What is the Homgeek 2L blender like to use?

In the box is the instruction manual and a small recipe booklet covering nine recipe categories from drinks to dips, curry pastes and nut butters. It does a great job at demonstrating the versatility of this machine.

The jug lifts on and off without locking and is marked with useful measuring notches. The blades themselves are three overlapping sets that offer a pretty formidable blending system at the base of the jug. Serrated blades are included. They don't actually lift out which is a pro for safety.

The control panel is self explanatory, with a single dial for selecting its eight speeds. Ice crush, smoothie, grind and pulse functions are also available buttons to select. Speeds are selected with a pleasingly corrugated dial that's grippy even with wet hands. Design-wise, its nicely styled with a chrome-style front panel and jug base.

Although the base is pretty standard for large blenders, it's very tall, particularly when using the plunger, which knocked against the base of our raised kitchen cupboards. As the plunger also acts as the cap to the blender, it can't be used without it.


The jug is cavernous, but handled quantities for two super berry smoothies well leaving zero lumps after 30 seconds. If we'd left the beetroot whole, the blender still would have chomped through it happily, but we halved them and combined with kale, had a lump-free pulp in 45 seconds.

The jug is dishwasher-safe on the top shelf, but a self-cleaning setting on the machine works well, leaving no colour or smell of the homemade tomato sauce and simply required the rinsing away of soapy water afterwards.

The overload protection system automatically shuts it off to prevent this blender overheating. When this happens, the manual recommends 45 minutes unplugged to settle it and even blowing cold air into the base with a hairdryer.


This is an excellent option for anyone wanting a large-capacity and efficient blender that's not too heavy for storing in a cupboard. Its height could pose a challenge for countertop storage, but both the base and jug are sleek enough that it wouldn't look out of place.

Homgeek 2L blender specifications

In the box: 2L jug with stainless steel blades, motor base, lid, plunger, recipe booklet
Serial number: NY-8188
Wattage: 2000W
Jug capacity: 2L
Speed options: eight speeds, four preset programs
Manufacturer guarantee: 1 year
Recipe booklet included: Y

Recipes and tips

Homemade tomato sauce recipe
Super berry smoothie

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