The gift of a bottle when it’s a known favourite is a fail-safe option to give wine lovers. Of course, there are occasions when you may need a more creative approach to buying a wine gift.


Perhaps they already have a collection or taste that’s beyond the realms of an achievable gift budget, or maybe you just want something to lighten what can sometimes seem like an exceedingly serious world of wine. Beneath the wine world’s serious carapace is a simple quest for flavour, and you don’t need to be an expert to join in it.

If you find yourself stuck for ideas, we’ve brought together a collection of wine gifts that strike the balance of being both tasteful and practical. From centrepiece bottle holders and nifty glass-top sulphate filters, to wine-chilling gadgets that’ll save you going backwards and forwards to the fridge, we have options to suit all budgets.

For those curious about the world of bottle hunting, we’ve also included some beginner's guides and wine journals. And, of course, we’ve included some of the best wine glasses to help enhance red, white or fizz, and some perfect cheeses to pair with any wines.

Are you interested in learning more about wine? Find lots of wine guides by BBC Good Food experts right here, from taste tests of the best prosecco and best English wine, to the best places to buy wine online.

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The best wine gifts to buy wine lovers in 2023

Dibor vintage embossed wine goblets

Set Of Four Vintage Embossed Wine Goblets, best wine gifts

These are a cheerful choice for slow summer dinners, and would add colour to anyone’s glass collection. On a practical note, different coloured glasses also make it easier during dinner parties to distinguish what drink belongs to which person.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (£35 for a set of four)

Hydro Herb kits

Upcycled wine bottle hydroherb kit, best wine gifts

Fresh herbs are a game-changer for adding flavour and freshness to recipes. The novelty of an organic kitchen garden grown hydroponically in an upcycled wine bottle is marvellous, and there are nine herbs to choose from, including classic basil, mint and coriander. This innovative, wine-related gift will literally keep on giving.

Available from:
Fenwick (£25)
Etsy (£25)

Wine-Opoly board game

Wine-Opoly board game

Wine-opoly is the board game that wine lovers will be playing this Christmas. As you travel round the board, you collect wine, build wineries and avoid getting hit with unexpected import taxes – the perfect way for any wine enthusiast to spend the afternoon. There's also a beer version, Brew-opoly, to try!

Available from:
Amazon (£24.99)

M&S red wine and nibbles gift box

M&S red wine gift box

What better gift for a wine lover than a bottle of the good stuff itself? This gift set from M&S comes in a smart wooden box with a bottle of Argentinian malbec, plus moreish rosemary salted nuts and cheesy Cornish cruncher biscuits to pair with the wine. For a sweeter tooth, a red wine and chocolate gift box is also available.

Available from:
M&S (£35)

Wine Christmas crackers

Virgin Wines wine crackers

For a grown-up Christmas table treat, lay out these luxury wine Christmas crackers. Each cracker contains a 187ml bottle of wine with a lucky dip of three red and three white to open and enjoy with Christmas lunch. They'd also make great adult stocking fillers for a wine lover.

Available from:
Virgin Wines (£31.99)

Brixton Wine Club wine subscription

Brixton Wine Club wine subscription

For a gift that keeps on giving, choose a wine subscription. Brixton Wine Club is a fun option for those wanting to explore the world of canned wines, delivering between three and six cans of wine each month. Choose whites, reds or a mixed selection. Check out a full review of the best wine subscriptions from our sister brand, olive magazine.

Available from:
Brixton Wine Club (from £19 per month)

Moleskine passion wine journal

Moleskin wine journal, best wine gifts

For those who like to savour every aroma, a wine journal becomes an archive of every bottle that has stirred the senses. Think of it as a diary – somewhere to record the grape, year, place and what it was paired with. A wine journal is a great gift for those who like to jot down tasting notes, are building their own collection, or associate memories with the drink they had at the time.

Available from:
John Lewis (£35)
Selfridges (£30)

Rock Angel by Whispering Angel

Rock Angel

Looking for a bottle for a rosé fan? A chilled glass from Whispering Angel brings the summer feeling all year round and we love the slightly more premium Rock Angel for a special gift. Made from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle grapes, it still has the signature pale-pink colour but is packed with fruity, berry aromas and long finish.

Available from:
Waitrose (£26.99)
Fine Wines Direct (£26.95)

Personalised grapevine gift set

Personalised grapevine set, best wine gifts

For a wine lover who has everything, a pair of vines could be the perfect gift. British brand The Gluttonous Gardener selected two particular varieties, one white and one red, because of their ability to thrive in the UK’s fickle climate. They can even be grown in large pots. Just personalise the wooden crate with a name or personal message.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (£60.95)

Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker

Cork Dork by Bianca Boska, best wine gifts

What’s the big deal about wine? When professional journalist and self-proclaimed amateur drinker Bianca Bosker discovers the world of elite sommeliers, she dives headfirst into the life where taste reigns supreme. Cork Dork is a witty retelling of her fervour-fuelled adventure that takes the reader from underground tastings to a Neuroscientists fMRI machine in her pursuit of the answer to that question.

Available from:
Amazon (£8.59)
Waterstones (£10.99)

LSA International Mia recycled wine glasses

four LSA wine glasses

With a thin fluted finish, these wine glasses are made from recycled glass from disused bottles. They are all mouth-blown and have a blue tinge finish. There's even biodegradable organic inks on the box to ensure the circle of recycling can continue.

Rattan bottle and glass carrier

rattan wine carrier

Wine glasses can be a tricky thing to transport for picnics and outdoor adventures because they don’t stack easily. A caddy like this could be the perfect solution to the problem. Up to 10 glasses or bottles slot into the woven sections, so even if there are dregs remaining, all will remain upright in transit.

Available from:
Oka (£175)

Wine Unpacked taste finder kit

Wine Unpacked

Is there a better gift for a wine lover than wine itself? This clever kit is perfect for someone who's looking to broaden their wine horizons and learn more about their favourite tipple. The taste finder kit contains 12 different wines in mini bottles. They're not labelled with specific details of the wine themselves, beyond being red or white and a few overall notes on the profile, but they do come with space to rate the wines yourself as you try them. Once you've finished, you can scan a QR code to upload your results and discover what your taste profile is, as well as subscribe to regular deliveries of full-sized bottles tailored to your results. We really enjoyed using our kit – it's a great kit to do with a friend so you can compare your findings.

Available from:
Wine Unpacked (£49)

Wine cork letters

Wine cork letters, best wine gifts

Wine corks make great keepsakes. Whether it’s from a favourite bottle, special occasion, or simply invokes a memory you don’t want to forget, saving them can feel important. So here’s a wine gift that’s also a way to display them. Letters are available in uppercase or lowercase.

Available from:
Uncommon Goods (from £18)

Ullo wine purifier

Ullo Wine Purifier, best wine gifts

The Ullo contains four filters that help purify wine by removing sulfites and residual sediment. The former is a preservative widely used in winemaking that can cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive. This little gadget simply sits on top of a glass, and also has an optional ‘aerate’ function for enhancing the flavour of reds.

Octopus wine holder

Silver Octopus Wine Holder, best wine gifts

An eccentric wine bottle holder can become a table centrepiece in itself when cradling a bottle. This octopus is designed with a bottle in mind, and is sturdily built so that bottles can rest safely in its tentacles. The size means it’s an unobtrusive but eye-catching addition, even to small tables.

Available from:
Graham and Green (£35)

Le Creuset wine cooler sleeve

Le Creuset cooler sleeve, best wine gifts

Le Creuset claims that when stored in the freezer, its WA-126 cooler sleeve will chill a bottle from room temperature in 20 minutes. If the wine was chilled to start, this should keep it cold for hours. This could be a great addition to a backpack for picnic adventures, al fresco eating with friends, or simply on the side table in the living room. Available in black, burgundy, cerise, shell pink and volcanic orange.

Conundrum 1-litre decanter

Conundrum 1L decanter, best wine gifts

The swirling design of this glass decanter has two practical functions. The first is to oxygenate your bottle of red as it’s poured in and out, and the second is to give you purchase on the decanter as you pour its contents into glasses. The result is a glass of red that should have an enhanced bouquet.

Available from:
Wayfair (£37.71)

Vintage wine poster print

Vintage french wine poster, best wine gifts

This vintage French liquor poster has been retouched and reborn into the kind of print that would sit quite happily in a variety of interiors. Sizes vary, and there’s the option to purchase it framed and ready for hanging.

Available from:
Etsy (from £13.17)

Valley wine cooler

Valley Wine Cooler, best wine gifts

This is a little bit of the outdoors, inside. Carved from natural stone, the textured exterior remains untouched while the inside has been carved and polished to hold a bottle. Filled with ice, the stone’s density maintains the cooled temperature for hours. Like oysters? This is a great way to present them.

Available from:
Nordic Nest (£50.41)

Personalised picnic table wine carrier

Personalised picnic table wine carrier, best wine gifts

Some things taste better when eaten al fresco with friends. For wine lovers who enjoy the great outdoors, this nifty wine gift transforms from a food caddy to a low picnic table, and can be engraved to make it more personal – great for days when you’re not straying too far from the car or kitchen.

Available from:
Uncommon Goods (£217)

Distinctly Living red wine carafe with oak stopper

Distinctly Living Carafe with stopper best wine gifts

The broad bowl base and narrow neck of this glass carafe is a classic decanter design for aerating reds at room temperature. What sets it apart is the polished wood sphere that sits as a stopper for protecting what’s left from dust. Not only does this arrive gift-wrapped, it’s also an elegant bit of kit to have on the shelf.

Available from:
Distinctly Living (£39.95)

Marble wine bottle holder

marble black coaster for wine

Bottle holders needn't be a boring wine gift. There are actually multiple benefits to having one – tables are protected from drip marks and wine-bottle rings, the bottle remains in a spot that can be reached by everybody, and it’s protected in part from spilling. Frankly, they can also enhance your tableware collection. This smooth, black marble bottle holder would be a simple and stylish table addition. Plus, it would look great holding a chunky candle.

Available from:
Rinkit (£6)

Duo wine cooler bag

red wine cooler box with lid open

Fitting up to two bottles of wine snugly, this tote bag is fully insulated to keep your wine cool and ready to drink. Plus, it's fitted with accessories including a chic wooden cork screw and there is a removable padded divider which keeps bottles from clinking together when moving around.

Available from:
Greenfield collection (£16.99)

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