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Pairing wine with food: a simple guide

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Ever wondered which white wine to match with your pasta? Or curious as to the best reds for steak night? Get clued-up with our handy guide to food and wine pairings. 


This useful infographic is brought to you by our BBC Good Food Wine Club and simplifies pairing food with wine to show you popular flavour combinations that work well. Make your favourite BBC Good Food recipes at home before using our guide to decide on the best bottle of red, white or sparkling wine to pair with your food.


Everyone’s perceptions of wine flavours are entirely different. Whether you enjoy a full-bodied red or a dry white wine, the characteristics of each tend to match certain food groups. For example, the bright and acidic notes in a bottle of sauvingon blanc go wonderfully with the sharp, salty taste of goat’s cheese – so pairing with a goat’s cheese tart will taste delicious. Similarly, the full-bodied nature of malbec leaves behind notes of black plum in your mouth and such sweet flavours balance perfectly with a well-seasoned sirloin steak.

To get the best out of this guide, choose your favourite wine and then type the name of the paired dish into the search bar on BBC Good Food to find your favourite dishes. We've also rounded up the best wine racks for safely storing your bottles.

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