• Attractive, compact, easy to pick up and move around, cool-touch handles, deceptively large surface area for cooking


  • Limited space for coal, no temperature gauge, no lid, exposed to the elements as it's left open during cooking

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Cube portable charcoal BBQ summary

Ideal for fuss-free barbecuing on the beach and camping holidays or those with limited outdoor space, this portable box BBQ is a good-looking and impressive piece of kit. It's the result of a collaboration between Australian barbecue brand Everdure and chef Heston Blumenthal, and comes with several nifty features that make on-the-go grilling simple and enjoyable.


Available in four colours, the barbecue packs away neatly and comes with an integrated food storage tray, plus a bamboo prep board and removable charcoal tray for making emptying coals easy. You can buy extra accessories on the Everdure website too, including heat-proof gloves, a Cube travel bag, and a premium toolkit with a tongs and spatula.

First impressions of the Everdure Cube portable charcoal BBQ

We love how this barbecue looks: the bright orange model we tested was vibrant and stylish, and the main body was smooth and robust. The handles on either side – which stayed cool to the touch even during cooking – allowed for easy transportation, and the built-in heat protection shield around the outside is an effective safety feature.

Everdure by Heston charcoal BBQ review

Because it's small, it lacks some of the handy features you might get with a kettle barbecue, like a temperature gauge and lid. That said, it does have a deceptively large cooking area with space for six small burgers or three medium steaks at one time.

How easy is the Everdure Cube portable charcoal BBQ to assemble?

Getting the Cube set up is a simple task – no tools are needed, and there's a manual with diagrams to help with the process. There's another separate guide on how to ignite the charcoal, though some of the diagrams inside are a bit confusing.

The instructions also come with advice on how to look after your barbecue, plus a troubleshooting guide.

How easy is the Everdure Cube portable BBQ to use?

Because the Cube comes without a lid, we had some difficulty getting it to light and retain heat during testing. This was likely hindered by cold and windy weather – the heat may be easier to control in warmer or less breezy conditions.

Everdure by Heston charcoal BBQ testing

Once it got going, we found the heat distributed relatively well across the charcoal, and both the main body and handles stayed cool. Cooking on direct and indirect heat was also possible, as the charcoal could be placed to one side.

Cleaning the barbecue afterwards was straightforward too, as the charcoal tray slides out and can be emptied and wiped down.

Cooking results

We had to execute some patience when using the Cube – everything we cooked was flavourful with a good crisp texture, but getting the ingredients to this point was time-consuming.

everdure by Heston charcoal BBQ food

Both our vegetable kebabs and sliced potatoes had the pleasant, smoky taste you want when cooking over charcoal, but had uneven charring with no obvious hot or cold spots. Our whole aubergine was also nicely charred and soft in the centre, but took a long time to cook.

How sustainable is the Everdure Cube portable charcoal BBQ?

The Cube came with a mix of recyclable and non-recyclable packaging, including cardboard, polystyrene and plastic wrapping, some of which felt a bit unnecessary. The instructions were kept in a resealable plastic bag to prevent them from getting lost or damaged, which is a practical touch for wet weather but also a bit unnecessary, as you need to remove them to read and would be unlikely to use this BBQ in rain due to its lack of a protective lid.

The barbecue itself has a two-year warranty, which isn't terrible, though relatively short considering the price tag.


There's plenty to admire about the Cube portable BBQ – it's attractive, compact, and comes with some good safety features, which take some of the worry out of barbecuing with children or pets around (though the lack of lid means you'll still want to keep them away).

To some extent you're paying for the Heston name, and the price tag is a reflection of that. We also found not having a lid to retain the heat quite frustrating, as it meant cooking took much longer.

That said, this is still a well-performing portable barbecue and ideal for those looking for a lightweight model to take on their travels.

Everdure Cube portable charcoal BBQ specifications

Brand: Everdure by Heston Blumenthal
Model: Cube
RRP: £199
Dimensions: 36.9cm H x 53.4cm W x 31cm D (cooking area 42 x 26cm)
Weight: 7kg
Materials: porcelain enamelled firebox, stainless steel handles, bamboo storage tray
Warranty: two years

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