• Attractive, generously sized, some storage, latch to lock lid, vents offer good temperature control, easy to move


  • Lots of assembly needed, tools needed for assembly, instructions a little unclear, not a lot of space between grill and coals

Char-Broil Kettleman 140756 review summary

The Char-Broil Kettleman is a generously sized kettle-style barbecue ideal for a family of four or for people looking to entertain small groups. The large grill provides enough space to either cook directly over the coals, or move food to the edges for a gentler cook.


It has a lid with a useful lock to keep food and heat in, and curious little hands out. And the two sturdy wheels make it easy to manoeuvre, whether moving it across grass, stone or decking.

First impressions of the Char-Broil Kettleman 140756

This is a well-constructed, sturdy barbecue that showcases useful features such as the locking lid and the easy-to-use lid vent. It’s not the smallest kettle barbecue we’ve tested – better suited to a patio or medium-sized courtyard than a balcony. But it’s attractive, easy to store and the sturdy wheels offer an added level of versatility.

How easy is the Char-Broil Kettleman 140756 to assemble?

Assembly was our major gripe with the Kettleman. Once totally unpacked, assembly feels quite an imposing prospect as there are so many component parts to this build.

That being said, from start to finish it took us around 30 minutes to complete which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that long. However, putting this barbecue together was needlessly time consuming, owing mostly to the diagram-only instructions.

You’ll need a spanner (which isn’t provided) and we’d suggest having another pair of hands around when attaching the legs to the drum.

How easy is the Char-Broil Kettleman 140756 to use?

The less-than-clear instructions left us stumped as to where to put the coals. Two grates come with this barbecue, one – obviously for cooking on – and the other sits around 15cm beneath that with large gaps between the grates. Because of how close these two grates sit, we didn’t think the lower one was designed for the coals (it actually is). In error we ended up filling the ash bin with coals.

Lighting and heating up is easy and relatively quick. The smooth-close lid forms a nice seal and it took around half an hour to come to temperature. It should be noted that this model loses heat very quickly when opened.

This barbecue remains sturdy in use and can be easily moved around the garden thanks to the robust wheels. We liked the little storage rack beneath the barbecue.

The exterior of the Kettleman gets quite hot, so children and pets should be kept well away. The handles on the lid and vent are both heatproof.

Cooking results

The majority of our test recipes cooked well. Our halloumi kebabs had even, good browning, as did our potato slices. Each dish was crisp, with a subtle barbecue char without being overdone. Our spatchcocked chicken was brilliant: succulent meat, with crisp, barbecued skin and a subtle smoky flavour.

Char-Broil Kettleman charcoal BBQ

The centre of the barbecue receives the most heat, so it’s ideal if you want to cook something quickly and directly. The perimeter is a little cooler, so better suited to slower, more controlled cooking.

How sustainable is the Char-Broil Kettleman 140756?

The Char-Broil Kettleman came wrapped in lots of polystyrene and plastic. The plastic was particularly excessive as every single component part was wrapped in it. This model comes with a two-year warranty - arguably rather short. But spare parts are available through the Char-Broil site.


This is a generously sized, sturdy barbecue that’s great once you get it up and running. It’s a joy to cook on and produced some impressive results across hardy barbecue fare such as chicken as well as more delicate items including vegetable kebabs.

It’s not the most straightforward to build, but it’ll only need to be done once. Features including the heavy-duty wheels, locking lid and smooth vents elevate this barbecue from basic kettle to something impressive.

Char-Broil Kettleman 140756 specifications

Brand: Char-Broil
Model: Kettleman 140756
RRP: £259.99
Dimensions: ‎66 x 66 x 99.1 cm
Materials: Steel, ceramic
Warranty: 2 years
Fuel needed: Charcoal

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