Light and easy to carry, open and drink from, not to mention easy to recycle, cans are the ideal vessel for alcohol on the go. Whether you’re heading to a picnic or going camping, you’re no longer restricted to just beer and cider – the world of convenient booze has exploded recently and you can now get just about anything in a can, from wine and G&Ts to, more recently, cocktails.


Canned cocktails range in style from affordable supermarket ranges of the classics (such as mojitos and a gin and tonic), to innovative new mixes and gourmet creations using top quality ingredients. Pick up a single can in the supermarket or get a multi-pack delivery of something special to feed a crowd at your next barbecue or summer party. They save you the hassle of mixing up individual drinks for everybody and can be popped in the fridge at a moment's notice.

The idea of having your favourite cocktail pre-mixed and ready to drink might sound great, but how do these drinks measure up to cocktails made in a bar or at home? We blind-tasted more than 20 canned cocktails, from mojitos to martinis and everything in between. Below are our top picks of the best canned cocktails - judged on having a balanced taste, clear flavours and a finished cocktail we'd want to go back to.

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Best canned cocktails at a glance

Best canned cocktails to buy 2023

Sipsmith gin & tonic (250ml), 7.3% ABV

Sipsmith G&T

Best classic gin and tonic

Ingredients: Dry gin and tonic water

Our favourite G&T overall, Sipsmith is a strong contender in the canned cocktail industry. The subtle sweetness is just right – a real achievement for a canned gin & tonic. The botanicals are present and distinguished, blended with a smooth, high-quality gin. Coming in at 7.3% ABV, it's the strongest G&T on our list but the booze isn't overpowering. You'll want to break out these gorgeous copper tins on your next picnic or barbecue.

LuvJus Pineapple & mint (250ml), 4.8% ABV

LuvJus Pineapple and Mint

Best tropical cocktail

Ingredients: Pineapple, mint, jasmine, Korean ginseng, vodka

Capture the taste of summer with a fruity canned cocktail by LuvJus. This playful brand delivers vibrant drinks with a kick of Korean ginseng and clean, crisp vodka. The pineapple & mint drink is reminiscent of a lightened-up piña colada – full of tropical, sunny flavours. The full-bodied drink has lots of depth with hints of floral jasmine and cooling mint. It would make the perfect portable cocktail for an afternoon barbecue or warm beach day.

More like this

&Soda Mexican lime vodka soda (330ml), 5% ABV

Lime &Soda

Best vodka soda

Ingredients: Triple-distilled vodka, natural Mexican lime flavours and soda water

If you're not big on overly sweet cocktails, this subtle option from &Soda will be right up your street. Similar in flavour to a hard seltzer, this vodka soda is infused with a mild citrus flavour. This light cocktail is simple and easy to drink, perfect on a hot summer day. It contains zero sugar and no carbs, plus it's vegan and gluten-free. We also enjoyed the fruity raspberry flavour as an alternative to the lime.

Available from:
Masters of Malt (£25/12 pack)
&Soda (£25/12 pack)
Sainsbury's (£2.25/330ml)

East London Liquor Co. Vodka & rhubarb (250ml), 4.6% ABV

East London Vodka and Rhubarb

Best twist on a vodka soda

Ingredients: British wheat vodka, natural rhubarb soda

Cool down this summer with this refreshing, fruity cocktail from East London Liquor Co. The rhubarb & vodka cocktail was one of our favourites that we tried. The vibrant rhubarb flavour is fresh and doesn't taste artificial. The booze is well balanced and the sweetness is just right. We also enjoyed the rum & ginger cocktail. We love that the flavours are all natural with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Available from:
East London Liquor Co. (£30/12 pack)

Sipful Blood orange mimosa (250ml), 4.5% ABV

Sipful mimosa

Best mimosa

Ingredients: Blood orange juice and white wine

Take your brunch or afternoon picnic to the next level with a unique twist on a classic mimosa. This natural blood orange cocktail from Sipful is sharp and tangy with a subtle sweetness. It's slightly carbonated with effervescent organic white wine. We also enjoyed the classic mimosa and the fruity peach bellini. To celebrate a special occasion, try the elegant bubbly white wine.

Goldling Sundown (250ml), 4.8% ABV

Best gourmet canned cocktail

Ingredients: organic vodka, soda, Persian lime, pineapple, kaffir lime leaf

If you want the full cocktail bar experience in your home (or in the park, on the beach, on holiday...), then Goldling's canned cocktails go a step above a simple spirit and mixer. The Sundown cocktail is juicily pineapple-forward, balanced by tart lime and the bitter edge of soda. It is refreshing and light and despite the bold fruit flavour, it is absolutely not too sweet. It prides itself on being 100 calories, 100% organic and all natural. We also enjoyed the Moonlight - a sweeter option with strawberries and pomegranate.

Available from:
Goldling (£17/6-pack)

Bloody Drinks Bloody Mary (250ml), 6.3% ABV

Bloody Drinks

Best Bloody Mary

Ingredients: Tomato juice, vodka, Amontillado sherry, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce

Complete a Sunday brunch spread with an easy bloody Mary cocktail in a can. The classic cocktail from Bloody Drinks is powerful and tastes as high-quality as a freshly mixed drink at the bar. It boasts a strong vodka kick paired with dry, fruity Amontillado sherry. The fresh tomato juice is mixed with tangy, savoury flavours like Worcestershire sauce, a hint of soy sauce and some heat from Tabasco sauce.

Available from:
Bloody Drinks (£13/4-pack)

Malibu piña colada (250ml), 5% ABV

Best piña colada

Ingredients: Caribbean rum with juices and flavourings

‘If you like piña coladas’ and you like them very sweet, then this one’s for you. As you'd expect from a Malibu product, the coconut flavour is dominant, but pineapple comes through strongly, too, and both lend to the overall sweetness. Like most of the cocktails we tried, the booze tastes barely present. Despite this, the drink was generally liked by the judges and praised for its smooth, almost creamy texture.

Available from:
Sainsbury’s (£1.60/250ml)
Amazon (£37.88/12-pack)
Tesco (£1.95/250ml)

Opihr Gin & tonic with a twist of orange (250ml), 6.5% ABV

Opihr G&T

Best flavoured g&t

Ingredients: London dry gin, tonic water, Spanish orange, botanicals and spices

Explore new flavour profiles with this spiced gin and tonic from Opihr. We loved the delicate notes of coriander and cardamom, balanced with a sharp citrus kick from the orange. The spices and handpicked botanicals are sourced from destinations along the ancient spice route including Malaysia, Morocco and India. There isn't much sweetness and the booze is smooth and well balanced.

Available from:
Tesco (£2/250ml)
Sainsbury's (£.250/275ml)
Amazon (£22.90/12 x 275ml)

Asda Mojito (250ml), 4% ABV

Best mojito

Ingredients: lemonade, white rum, lime juice, mint flavouring

The classic mojito is the cocktail that appears to be most widely available in a can and we tried five different varieties. This one was the clear winner, being the most well balanced and citrusy of the bunch. It’s also not as sickly sweet as others we tried and has the most subtle mint flavour – in other words, it doesn’t taste like toothpaste!

Available from:
Asda (£1.20/25oml)

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