Making a loaf of bread from scratch can seem like a big challenge, but it doesn't have to be. These five beginners' bread recipes are simple to make and a great way to keep kids busy when they're at home. Teach them the basics first, such as mixing, kneading and resting the dough, then let them get creative with different shapes and flavours.


Get started by watching this video tutortial on how to make bread and read our six steps to brilliant bread for top tips.

For those wanting to save time and effort with a machine, see our review of the best bread makers.

Now let your little ones rise to the challenge and before long, you'll have inspired a new generation of budding bread connoisseurs!

1. Bread in four easy steps

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Bread loaf in slices

This simple bread loaf is the essential starter for any beginner breadmakers. It uses just five ingredients, and you can make it with granary, wholemeal or white flour. Show kids how to make dough by mixing together yeast, salt and flour, then adding warm water, honey and oil. Kneading is perhaps the most enjoyable part of bread-making and, unlike pastry, the heavier handed the better! It's exciting to watch your homemade bread transform during the rising process, but not as exciting as the heavenly smells emanating from the oven whilst it bakes.

2. Hedgehog rolls

These immensely cute hedgehog rolls are another easy way to introduce little chefs to the art of bread-making. Using a ready-made bread mix leaves you free to craft the dough animals with our easy instructions to help. Kitchen scissors are used to make the spikes, so smaller kids should be supervised. Give your hedgehogs some character with raisins for eyes and a fine almond flake for a nose. After the kids have mastered this, why not experiment with different animal shapes?

3. Flowerpot bread

Three flowerpot bread rolls

If your little ones aren't green-fingered, nevermind – spare plant pots can be put to excellent use. They're the perfect shape to mould these pretty flowerpot rolls, giving a good crust. Take care to use clean clay pots and season them, as described in the recipe tip. This ensures the dough doesn't stick to the pot. Why not decorate with a sprinkling of herbs and give to a family member for a garden-themed gift?

4. Cheesy garlic bread

Cheesy garlic flatbread cut into squares

For an easy, cheesy bake, look no further than our gorgeous garlic bread. It's a great introduction to flavoured breads and can be customised with onions, extra cheeses and herbs. After baking in a rectangular Swiss roll tin, this simple sharing bread is easily divided into squares. It makes the perfect side for family meals such as chilli con carne, pasta bakes, salads and soups.

5. Cuddly egg men

Person-shaped bread with each figure cuddling an egg

Say goodbye to ordinary egg soldiers! Breakfast is that bit better with our cute cuddly egg men. Artwork and tasty treat-in-one, kids will love honing their dough skills to make these miniature figurines. Although they look complicated, all you have to do is put an egg on each dough man’s tummy, then fold the arms over and seal with a little cold water. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes and behold your army of glorious golden egg men. After cooling and peeling the egg shell, enjoy with the warm bread – if you can bear to eat them, that is!

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