Quick dinner ideas

Find delicious quick dinner ideas for busy weeknights – just pick your ingredient, then choose from the three easy recipes we’ve devised around it.

Butternut squash

Cook simple yet satisfying dishes using ready-prepared butternut squash, plus only three other ingredients. Try a wholesome lentil salad, comforting linguine or quesadillas – these meals are perfect if you’re short on time.


3 quick dinner ideas with butternut squash


We’ve come up with comforting meal ideas to make with a punnet of mushrooms and a few other everyday ingredients. Serve these tasty fungi with gnocchi, as a filling for baked potatoes, or with pan-fried kale and eggs.

3 quick dinner ideas with mushrooms


Get inspiration for using spinach in speedy meals. Whether you’re tossing the leaves in a zingy orange & halloumi salad, blitzing them with soft cheese or simmering them in a creamy chickpea curry, this versatile ingredient can make your supper more tasty and nutritious.

3 quick dinner ideas with spinach


Watercress can be used in far more than soups and sandwiches. Our three quick dinner recipes incorporate this peppery leaf into a fresh salad, a creamy linguine sauce and a gammon steak dish.

3 quick dinner ideas with watercress

Chicken breast

Chicken breast in barbecue sauce with sweet potato wedges in blue cheese

One of the nation’s favourites, chicken breasts are a versatile supper staple. Stuff them into pitta pockets with spicy piri-piri sauce and crunchy coleslaw, mix them into a nutty grain salad, or smother them in smoky BBQ sauce. 3 quick dinner ideas with chicken


Omelette filled with asparagus stalks and topped with mixed seeds

Make the most of seasonal greens with our three easy ways to cook a bunch of asparagus. Mix them into an omelette with pesto, combine with sardines in a traybake, or stir into a creamy orzo dish with turkey meatballs.3 quick dinner ideas with asparagus 


Leaner than most meats yet still high in protein, turkey is a healthy and affordable ingredient for midweek meals. Stir turkey slices into a fragrant paella, scatter them over a fresh couscous salad, or make a crispy filo twist pie stuffed with turkey, ricotta and chargrilled veg.  

3 quick dinner ideas with turkey

Tortilla wraps

Pack up some tasty tortillas for a quick lunch or dinner. We’ve taken inspiration from around the globe for fillings, from smoky Mexican-style chilli pots to aromatic chicken katsu curry wraps and a gooey Gruyère-topped pissaladière. 

3 quick dinner ideas with tortilla wraps

Chopped tomatoes

We’ve come up with three flavour-packed meal ideas which put a can of chopped tomatoes to great use. Whip up a simple aubergine Parmigiana, make a satisfying cod traybake, or take beans on toast to the next level.

3 quick dinner ideas with chopped tomatoes


Spiralized courgetti makes a light, low-carb base for a range of tasty meals. Serve this versatile veg in a fresh Greek salad, combine it with creamy tomato and mascarpone sauce, or cook it in a speedy yet flavoursome laksa soup.


3 quick dinner ideas with courgetti