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We've put all our top mince pie content in one place, including video guides, cookery tips and our foolproof, triple-tested recipes that'll never let you down...

Every Christmas, mince pies sit comfortably at the top of our list of most popular recipes. It seems some people need a little helping hand when it comes to making these once-yearly fruit pies. If you’re one of those people, you’ve come to the right place… 


Video hack: Our easiest-ever mince pies

We’ve created the easiest-ever mince pie recipe. Don’t believe us? Our 30-second video demonstrates just how simple they can be… 

Five ways with mince pies

Fancy trying a new way with a jar of mincemeat? We have just the recipes for you… 

How to make mince pies video

Watch and learn as we show you how to roll out pastry, fill your pies with mincemeat and create a star-shaped or full lid. 

All our top mince pie recipes

We’ve collected our favourite mince pie recipes so you can browse, choose your favourite and hop to the kitchen to make your own post haste.

Guide to making the ultimate mince pies

Good Food experts and our fans on social media share their secret tips for taking mince pies to the next level.

How to make shortcrust pastry video

Watch our video guide to mastering this essential baking skill and you’ll never need to resort to a shop-bought block of pastry again.

Mincemeat recipes

Make your own fruity mix and ensure your homemade mince pie truly has the edge over all others.

Our top five mince pie recipes

The most popular recipes on our site, in order of user ratings…

1. Unbelievably easy mince pies
2. Paul Hollywood’s mince pies
3. Little Eccles mince pies
4. Mincemeat custard pies
5. Stollen mince pies

Love them or hate them, we’d love to hear your thoughts on mince pies in the comment section below. We also have other baking and festive guides you might be interested in: 


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