When it comes to summer sweets, keep it simple and keep it cool. The less cooking involved, the better. Good Food has got your next summer party covered with our easy no-cook cheesecakes, tarts, trifles and boozy ice pops.


Ice cream cakes galore


Everyone loves ice cream and everyone loves cake, so why not combine the two. This fabulously fruity club Tropicana ice cream cake goes all out with a vibrant multicoloured layered display featuring mango and raspberry sorbet, sponge, whipped cream and dark chocolate. Fancy something a bit more light and zesty? Our lemon meringue ice cream cake has the perfect combination of sharp lemon and sweet, chewy meringue. Make the most of pre-prepared ingredients then sit back and relax. Try this raspberry version for an extra splash of colour and fruity flavour.

For caffeine afficionados, tiramisu ice cream cake involves no cooking and plenty of coffee.

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Super cool cheesecakes


Cheesecakes are the perfect no-stress dessert that you can whip up in advance and leave in the fridge until you're ready to serve. Want something sweet with the tang of summer berries? Try our white chocolate berry cheesecake, a true summer showstopper that's great for entertaining. Amaretti biscuits add a nice crunch and almondy flavour.

If you're feeling creative, then fashion this striking triple-layered berry cheesecake for an al fresco gathering. Start with a deep pink raspberry base layer, then top with progressively lighter strawberry and vanilla layers to create a stunning sunset effect, finished off with a generous helping of berries and citrussy white chocolate drizzle.

If you're a confirmed chocolate addict, this chocolate hazelnut ice cream cheesecake is the one for you. With just four ingredients and 15 minutes to prep, it is the ultimate no-fuss dessert. Learn how to make it with our easy-to-follow video tutorial.

Our no-bake orange cheesecake is easy enough that kids can get involved in making it.

Pudding pots


These quick and easy tiramisu pots take a grand total of 15 minutes to make and use storecupboard ingredients — great for when you're pushed for time and catering for a crowd.

If you want to showcase seasonal berries, these grown-up boozy berry & elderflower trifles are the essence of summer. The best thing about these puds? They take just five minutes to make. You won't find a quicker sweet fix!

If you're willing to stretch to 10 minutes of prep, these peach Melba crumbles have six ingredients including tinned peaches, raspberries and a crunchy granola topping.

Jelly delights


Layer summer berries with brioche and strawberry jelly to build up a luscious fruity loaf which is a delight to cut into. Or go retro with our super easy raspberry jelly, cream and custard trifle. It's the perfect stress-free pudding which you can make ahead and is impressively finished with a top layer of fruit suspended in jelly.

Lollies and ice pops


Put some pop in your summer party with a lickable dessert or two. Try these pink melon lollies, complete with popping candy for dipping. Or for lollies which both look and taste like watermelons, follow our simple recipe, combining blitzed watermelon and kiwis.

Brighten up someone's day with a sunshine lolly, perfect for getting hidden veg into your kids' diet, or go with a boozy twist on the traditional with these Pimm's ice lollies. Our cool green matcha froyo ice lolly is also perfect for a vegan summer treat, combining coconut yogurt and matcha powder.

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Tarts and trifles


These classic desserts are bursting with flavour and you can go all out on presentation. This delicate chocolate orange tart is naturally sweetened using dates and honey, with a ground almond and coconut crust. Simply mix, chill, slice and serve. If you're a sucker for the classics, our no-bake chocolate tart is a centrepiece everyone will want a slice of.

If you're tickled by trifle, Good Food has a whole range of mini layered beauties to suit every palate. These cute summer pudding trifles have a total of five ingredients — you can't beat clotted cream and raspberries. Revamp a retro pud with these mini Bakewell trifles filled with cherries, almond and amaretti. If you want something rich with a splash of something boozy, our banoffee trifles are a true make-in-moments masterpiece.

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