Convenient, versatile and tasty, bread is a daily staple for many of us, but maybe you're looking to switch things up from your regular white loaf. Try out some of our best bread alternatives and also read up on our nutritionist's advice for the top 10 healthiest breads and if bread is healthy.


For more tips on how to improvise in the kitchen, check out our guide to common ingredient substitutions, and if you're looking to lower your carbohydrate intake, you can find more swaps in our best carb replacements guide.

Healthier bread choices

1. Cloud bread

Cloud bread

This light and fluffy bread substitute lives up to its name. As there's no yeast, there's no proving time, meaning you could have some fresh cloud bread ready in 30 minutes. It's a great low-carb option for sandwiches.

2.Cauliflower bread or pizza base

Cauliflower base pizza cut into slices

For a healthy, alternative pizza base, try our cauliflower crust pizza. Whiz up cauliflower and ground almonds in a food processor to make this gluten-free base. Have a look at our other alternative pizza base recipes for more healthy ideas.

3. Homemade bread

Loaf of seeded bread cut into slices

We all like to know what we're putting into our body, so to avoid any unwanted added ingredients you might find in mass-produced supermarket versions, you can always make your own bread at home. Learn how to make bread using our video guide for expert advice and tips, then browse our bread collection for easy recipes like sourdough, tiger bread and this seeded wholemeal loaf.

More like this

4. Cornbread

Wedges of cornbread

For a great accompaniment to spicy stews, chillis and even a lunchtime salad, try our classic cornbread recipe. It's a great option if you got some cornmeal or polenta in your cupboards. You can also make our quick chilli cornbread that's perfect for mopping up a bowlful of warming soup.

5. Homemade sourdough

Sourdough loaf

For a fun kitchen project, master the art of making sourdough bread with our step-by-step recipe. Learn how to create a bubbling starter first, then use this to make your sourdough loaf. If you fancy something a bit different, try our sourdough focaccia or rye sourdough bread.

6. Rice paper wraps

Summer rolls on a blue chopping board

Rice paper wraps can be filled with all sorts of things, use rice noodles or finely shredded lettuce or cabbage to bulk them out, herbs to add freshness and chilli or ginger for flavour. Try our rainbow rice paper rolls filled with prawns, carrot and radishes and served with a sesame dipping sauce.

7. Lettuce wraps

Lettuce wraps being assembled

Lettuce is a good wrap substitute; ideally you want a soft butter lettuce or large cos leaf but you can use other varieties. Remember to press the leaves out flat first. Try our sticky pork lettuce wraps or our simple tuna lettuce wraps for some healthy wrap alternatives.

8. Egg wraps

Mexican chicken egg wraps

For a protein-rich wrap try one of our egg wrap recipes, like these spiced chicken egg wraps with black beans, tomatoes, coriander and red onion for a filling, tasty lunch. For a nutritious breakfast we also have breakfast egg wraps to keep you fuelled throughout the morning.

9. Rye bread

Rye bread with two slices cut off the end

Our rye bread recipe is lower in gluten than your average white loaf. It uses white or wholemeal flour to give a light texture but you can experiment with ratios to find what works best for your taste.

10. Ezekiel bread

Ezekiel or sprouted wheat whole grain flourless bread in kitchen or restaurant

Ezekiel bread is one of the healthiest breads available. It's made with different types of sprouted grains and legumes, like wheat, barley, spelt and lentils. It's usually available at health food stores, or you can have a go at making some yourself.

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