Whether you're running low on bread or just looking for a lighter option, see our best bread alternatives.


Learn how to improvise in the kitchen using our guide to common ingredient substitutions.

Best bread alternatives

Lettuce wraps being assembled

Low-carb bread alternatives

If you haven’t got any kind of flour and you want to make the equivalent of a sandwich, then get creative and use lettuce leaves, rice paper wrappers or even veg to make sandwich substitutes.

Rice paper wraps can be filled with all sorts of things, use rice noodles or finely shredded lettuce or cabbage to bulk them out, herbs to add freshness and chilli or ginger for flavour. Try our rice paper wrap recipe filled with shredded chicken and prawns.

Lettuce is a good wrap substitute; ideally you want a soft butter lettuce or large cos leaf but you can use other varieties. Press the leaves out flat first. Try our sticky pork lettuce wraps or our simple tuna lettuce wraps.

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Make your own bread

If you have flour then you can make your own bread. Learn how to make bread using our video guide for expert advice and tips, then browse our bread collection for easy recipes like sourdough, tiger bread and classic white bread.

If that’s a step too far, you could make easy wraps like our versatile sesame flatbreads. Or rustle up another simple recipe from our ultimate flatbread collection.

Another alternative to traditional bread is cornbread which you can make yourself, if you have polenta or cornmeal in the storecupboard. Our quick chilli cornbread is perfect for mopping up a bowlful of warming soup.

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