Are you looking for how to help with hay fever? Perhaps you're wondering what histamines are and how you clear them from your body? Our expert nutritionists answer all your questions about seasonal allergies in our helpful guides below. You'll find the best low-histamine foods to eat, with delicious recipes to try, and some of the foods which are typically highest in histamine. You'll even find our 10 best recipes to help you through allergy season.


Please note, if you have persistent allergy symptoms you may need to consult your GP.

A guide to high-histamine foods

Close up of plate of mackerel

Think histamine is just about allergy? Think again. Registered nutritionist, Kerry Torrens explores what histamine is, how the food we eat can affect our histamine levels and which ingredients rank the highest for histamine. Some of them might surprise you...

Top 20 low-histamine foods

Ricotta, broccoli & lemon penne

Following a balanced, nourishing diet can seem like an impossibility when you have a histamine intolerance. Registered nutritionist Kerry Torrens sorts through the confusion and highlights 20 ‘good for you’ low-histamine ingredients and some recipes to enjoy them in – like our ricotta, broccoli and lemon penne.

What is a low-histamine diet?

Lemon & ginger tea

Registered nutritionist, Kerry Torrens explores what histamine is, why it’s important for health, and what problems may arise if you have too much of it. Understand what it means to have a histamine intolerance and practical steps you can take to limit your exposure to histamines.

Hay fever season: 10 natural approaches to help you through

Woman sitting outdoors and suffering from pollen allergy

Hay fever season begins in March, when the tree pollen season starts, and continues into September. Be prepared with these natural approaches to ease your allergy symptoms this season.

10 foods to support your seasonal allergies

Kefir breakfast smoothie in two glasses

To help you prepare for hay fever season, we share our favourite foods for easing inflammation and supporting your immune system through the dreaded ‘summer cold', like this delicious kefir and mango smoothie.


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