£30 billion, we can all agree, is a lot of money. It’s also the British public’s average yearly spend on takeaway meals. They've evolved and risen to incredible popularity since the 1800s and, with that in mind, here are some takeaway classics you can prepare in your own kitchen.


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Chicken tikka masala

Allegedly invented in Glasgow (although Birmingham and Newcastle also hold claims), chicken tikka masala is the most popular order at Indian eateries. If you want to increase the authenticity, pair it with this pistachio pilau rice recipe for the ultimate Indian meal at home.

Chicken tikka masala

Chinese beef stir-fry

Chinese stir-fries are among the most popular takeaway dishes. This recipe can be prepared faster than the time it will take to order in, so put down the phone and give it a go.

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Beef stir-fry with ginger

Thai red curry

This chicken Thai red curry is flavoured with fragrant ginger, kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil. This recipe is super easy to make at home and takes just 35 mins.

Thai red curry


Pizza can be found in every corner of the globe. Two distinct styles exist - the thin and crispy Italian base and the American deep-pan. This recipe follows the former. Experiment by adding whatever toppings you fancy.

Pizza Margherita

Fish & chips

A truly British dish, fish and chips remains in the UK’s top three takeaway choices, despite stiff competition from international rivals. This version is fried in batter made from sparkling water which steams the fish, making it really moist.

Golden beer-battered fish with chips


The last few years have seen a burger renaissance of meaty proportions. Gourmet chains have sprung up throughout the country and all manner of chefs have concocted their own interpretations. This recipe is a towering example of just how good homemade takeaway classics can be.


Southern fried chicken

This tasty recipe is miles better than those stale drumsticks behind the counter. It’s also baked in the oven, making it much healthier as well.

Crispy chicken


Recent trends show that Britain’s takeaway habits have taken a healthier turn. Sushi, with its fresh ingredients and clean taste, is racing up the popularity polls. Tasty and easy to make, sushi is not as fiddly as it appears. It’s also great for getting children involved.

Simple sushi

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