If you've got a jar of mincemeat lingering in the cupboard, don't let the festive favourite go to waste. You don't need to stick to traditional mince pies, though – get creative with your bakes and turn this humble Christmas ingredient into indulgent brownies, crowd-pleasing biscuits, Christmas pudding or even a cocktail flavoured with seasonal spices. The candied fruit with a boozy kick is perfect for use in our comforting sweet treats.


Want to try making your own mincemeat instead? Try our speedy 10-minute mincemeat for a taste of Christmas in a jar. Indulge in the sweet, spiced richness of our mincemeat dessert, a harmonious blend of flavours that dance delightfully on the palate.

1. Mincemeat cake

Mincemeat cake wrapped in ribbon on a stand

Show your friends some homemade holiday love with this delightful bake, an edible gift that will light up their Christmas. It's the perfect way to put that leftover mincemeat to good use, offering a refreshing twist on the classic fruit cake.

Celebrate Christmas with a rich, moist fruitcake or perhaps a more modern creation, all found in our Christmas cake recipes.

2. Mincemeat samosas

Samosas on plate with one chopped in half and spilling a mincemeat filling.

Instead of crumbly shortcrust pastry, try wrapping your mincemeat in delicate layers of filo, as we do with our mincemeat samosas. Bake until golden and crisp, then serve warm with a dusting of icing sugar. Use sheets of ready-made pastry and you'll be all wrapped up in a flash.

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3. Pear & mincemeat crumble cake

Pear and mincemeat crumble cake with slice cut out

In need of a post-Christmas pick-me-up? Our pear & mincemeat crumble cake is the perfect fusion of seasonal fruit, classic flavours and spiced mincemeat. It's delicious served warm with lashings of custard. The combination of soft sponge and crispy crumble topping is an irresistible mix.

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4. Cinnamon swirl mince pies

Swirl mince pies in trays

If your idea of heaven is a warm cinnamon bun, our cinnamon swirl mince pies will be right up your street. Bake this marvellous mash-up to serve at your next gathering with friends or Christmassy brunch. They make a fun alternative to shortcrust pastry pies. Just be warned: you may need a double batch, as they're bound to disappear in minutes!

5. Mincemeat banana bread


Start your Christmas Day with a lovely breakfast you can prepare beforehand. Banana bread is a family favourite, and adding a touch of mincemeat brings a bit of holiday spirit to it. Enjoy for breakfast or alongside a cup of tea for a warming treat.

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6. Mince pie cheesecake


Have some leftover mince pies from the holiday season? Don't toss them out – you can turn them into a simple and delicious mince pie cheesecake. This easy-to-make dessert is a great way to reduce food waste while adding a festive touch to your menu. Crumble your mince pies into the gingernut base and blitz, then add the mincemeat to the whisked cream and soft cheese.

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7. Baked mincemeat doughnuts

Mincemeat doughnuts on tray

We have the answer to your Christmas cravings: baked mincemeat doughnuts. Rolled in cinnamon sugar, these moreish bites don't involve any deep-frying, but they're well worth the effort. Serve them fresh from the oven and they'll be snapped up in a heartbeat.

8. Mincemeat Chelsea buns

Chelsea buns with icing

Upgrade the standard bun with our mincemeat Chelsea buns. These sublime sticky buns are made even fruitier with a luxurious layer of juicy mincemeat and dried fruit. Top with a sugar glaze and icing for a winning dessert. Enjoy warm with a cup of coffee.

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9. Mincemeat, marzipan & apple tarte fine


Why not add a touch of French elegance to your Christmas dessert spread? This delightful mincemeat, marzipan, and apple tart is a fantastic choice, and it pairs wonderfully with a dollop of crème fraîche to balance the sweetness.

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10. Mince pie rum

Multiple glass bottles of mince pie rum

Share a little holiday magic with a homemade treat that's easy to prepare and keeps for up to six months. It's a wonderful addition to your cosy winter evenings, whether you enjoy it in a hot toddy or a wintry rum punch. Simply take your mincemeat and place it in a clean, sterilised jar. Pour in some rum, and let it sit for a week. During this time, the flavours will meld and create a delightful concoction that’s perfect for the season.

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