What is spring lamb?

Spring lamb, also called early or summer lamb, is three to five months old. It is very tender though doesn't have as much flavour as lamb later in the year since the lambs haven't had as much time to graze.

How to prepare spring lamb

Lamb shoulders and legs may be boned before roasting which makes it much easier to carve. Lamb can also be butterflied for barbecuing. Remove fat and back bone when preparing a rack of lamb.

How to cook spring lamb

Roast a leg or loin of lamb. Grill middle loin or loin shops. Braise the shoulder, neck chops and shanks and mince the shoulder, loin or leg to make lamb burgers.

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How to store spring lamb

Store on a low shelf in the refrigerator, away from cooked foods and food that is to be eaten raw. Lamb also freezes well. Small cuts can be stored for up to three months and larger cuts for up to six months.


Look out for spring lamb from February to June.

Choose the best spring lamb

Look for firm, slightly pink meat with a velvety texture. As the meat ages it becomes darker in colour. Avoid meat that has a brownish tinge.


Try beef or pork.